With worrying numbers, they warn that not getting tested for HIV can also lead to gender violence – El Echo

Within the framework of the neighborhood activity called by Local interregional table to address and prevent family and gender violence And this Intersectorial Table of Villa Aguirre and La UnionVarious activities related to solving the problem were carried out.

First of all, a Mapping of care institutions which intervenes in gender issues – an initiative that will culminate in La Movidiza next week – and another a Day of free HIV testing conducted by members of Coexistence in Diversity Tandil (CED,

In the program, CED Reference, gustavo perniconeEl Echo spoke to de Tandil and in addition to celebrating the call, he also mentioned The importance of linking HIV detection and sexual violence., In this sense, he explained that although he was already recording the situation, after the pandemic he began to pay attention to it Most viruses detected in people with stable partners,

“We felt it was important to participate because when we talk about gender violence we always fall into images of beatings, abuse. And in fact, 8 out of every 10 people found were in a stable relationship last year. So this is also a form of violence.”Said in reference to lack of care in cases of extramarital sex.

“This was already happening strongly in 2021, and last year we completed a year that caught our attention. We have had meetings with people from AHF Nación and people from Onusida, because this is a feature that is happening Is, “for at least” in the entire interior of Buenos Aires Province. The lack of care on the part of the couple in extramarital sex. And then in the case of being infected with HIV, how it passes it on to the family. “They said.

As announced, the day started at 9 o’clock and continued till 12 o’clock. It was in the Plaza 25 de Mayo neighborhood, located at the corner of Basilica and San Francisco.

Two gazebos were installed on the site. At first, health promotion organizations were concentrated – with members of mte health At the top – who proceeded in a mapping that they are doing in different areas of the city and which will culminate in La Movidiza next week. In the second, members of coexistence in diversity were located to be tested. Participants celebrated the call, as they completed approximately 20 analyses, in addition to providing information and advice to the various people they contacted.

test and train

Pernikone, head of the organization which completed six years of the trial, said he reiterated that it is a free and confidential service. “We don’t even ask for first names, and it’s important to do that in neighborhoods because what people suffer most in HIV today is social stigma. So we support, provide information, get tested, and bring people forward.” Come to. That it is “a form of violence”He said.

“In Buenos Aires province we have 30% of the population living with HIV who do not know they are living with HIV. And this happens with us, the percentage of people who come for the first time for HIV testing, rapid test, is very high, and you meet people whose age is between 30 to 40 years and you wonder why. How could this be 20 years old “You’ve been having sex for years and you’ve never had a checkup.”They said.

In its function of providing information and dissemination, CED Tandil will implement a Open and Free Rapid Taster Course, It is aimed at both nursing students and healthcare workers in general Next Friday the 17th and Friday the 24th, It will take place at the UNISEN Rectorate – the headquarters of the EDUNS Union – from 8:30 am to 11:00 am. The practical example will take place within the framework of World AIDS Day on December 1.

“The idea is that anyone over the age of 18 can come, whether you go later to become an HIV tester or not. “We’re going to talk about the new HIV law, all the medical news”Pernikon said. He concluded that those who are interested can register through the social network of Coexistence in Diversity Tandil or by communicating through WhatsApp 2494689601.

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