With “Yes you Can”, Francisca Lachapel lost 40 pounds for her wedding with Francesco Zampogna

Francesca Lachapel.

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Alejandro Chaban has confessed that for his wedding, Francesca Lachapel He lost 40 pounds and he did it with the help of “Yes you Can”. A few days ago, the host of Despierta América married Francesco Zampogna and she looked sensational. The day before she walked in front of her guests in a metallic red suit that made her stand out and for the wedding she wore a dreamy white dress.

About this in an interview with Mezcaliente, the businessman said: “with Francesca And all the people who work with me always tell them to set a goal for the short, medium and long term, because many times if we put it, I want to lose a hundred pounds in a week! we get frustrated because it’s not going to be real and we’re not going to make it.”

On how this process of losing weight works, Chabán added: “The second thing is that it is a process that combines healthy nutrition with exercise, movement, with nutritional supplements and also a bit of the success mentality that has to be present. ”.

In addition: “There has to be a change of attitude, a change of mentality to be able to face that and I think that Fran did it very well, because she herself sat down to make an appointment of ‘ok, this time why am I doing it, what is my reward, what do I need, what do I want”.

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