Withings has released a urine analyzer that integrates with the iPhone

The image can be misleading because it looks like someone has placed an AirTag in the WC, but that’s not it (fortunately). What you see just above is the new U-Scan from Withings, and it’s an accessory that can make some people’s lives a lot easier.

This U-Scan is a urine analyzer that can be used at home, and it integrates with the iPhone. Or what is or itself: offers the results of analyzing our urine in an application. The ingenuity has recently been presented at CES 2023 that is taking place in Las Vegas.

The “democratization” of analytics continues its course

Not too many years ago we took it for granted that something like an EKG or blood oxygen test would require hospital visits or the use of expensive and hard-to-find equipment. Now that can easily be done from an Apple Watch.

The same trend is evident in this U-Scan: urinalysis requires filling a container, taking it to a health center, waiting for the results and asking them to tell us about it. Now that can be solved at home, placing the device in our bathroom and installing an application on the iPhone.

The operation is simple: the urine contacts a series of substances that react to it inside the U-Scan, which sends the results of that reaction to your application. Using that data, the Withings app can help you improve your nutrition and hydration levels, detect substances that indicate some type of ailment or even monitor your ovulation.

For those who need very frequent urine tests for health reasons, this U-Scan can be very useful. And for those who want to also have some home analysis from time to time, it can be a good purchase.

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At the moment Withings has confirmed that we will see this U-Scan in stores during the second half of this year, and that in Europe it will be priced at 499.95 euros. The capsules with the substances necessary for each analysis must be purchased separately, although the company is preparing a subscription service for those who want to receive them at home periodically.

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