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several decades ago, a building in the United States was moved from where it was, but without the need to be demolished or evacuated. They were even able to move it with all their workers inside.

It was in 1931 that, after a month of intense work, the movement’s goal of the Indiana Bell headquarters building was achieved.of 11 thousand tons and 35 meters high.

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According to historical records, engineers and architects had the building moved 16 meters to the south, rotated 90 degrees, and then moved 30 meters to the west; without it stopping working. A wonderful formula of modern engineering.

The building was located at the intersection of Meridian and New York St, until 1950.


Indiana Historical Society

The story behind the magnificent move

In 1929, Indiana Bell Telephone Company acquired the building and, since this company had a large number of employees, the main objective was to demolish the building in order to build, in the same area, a larger and more comfortable headquarters.

34 days of intense work to move the telephone company building.


Indiana Historical Society

Considering the plan the company had in mind, Indiana Bell hired Kurt Vonnegut, Bohn and Muellerwho in 1888 founded an architecture studio in Indianapolis.

The building could not be demolished because it included a call center that was manually operated by company personnel. So, if the structure collapsed, it would have implied an immediate cut of services, harming its clients.

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According to historical reports from that time, Vonnegut proposed to relocate the building, maintaining the continuity of call services and without employees canceling essential work.

After being studied in depth, Indiana Bell approved the innovative proposal and the architects proceeded to carry out the transfer.

How it was made?

The 11,000-ton building was raised with hydraulic jacks. As a second step, the movement was carried out with hydraulic rollers on a concrete surface with several 75-tonne fir beams, as indicated by ‘Gizmodo’.

The structure ended up resting on one roller, while the workers placed the next one, and so on with the others. With the support of a steam engine, every time the jacks with which the building was raised were pumped, it moved at least 20 centimeters.

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In fact, several testimonies from workers who at that time worked at the headquarters compiled in the documentary made by ‘Telephone Collectors International’ they affirmed that they never felt or noticed the displacement of their place of work.

According to said documentary, “the building moved at a speed of 40 centimeters per hour.” The entrance was connected by a mobile that allowed rotational movement and kept it accessible at all times.

The telephone, electricity, gas, sewage and water cables and pipes had to be lengthened and made more flexible so that they could continue to provide service.

Despite the enormous effort, the magnificent maneuvers, the innovation and the ingenuity of architects and engineers; In 1963, the Indiana Bell building was demolished to build modern facilities that fulfilled the same telephone functions, only with more modernity. Today, the place houses offices of the American multinational AT&T.

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