without its reptiles, perhaps there would be no Willy’s Wonderland


Nicolas Cage’s passion for reptiles and dinosaurs nearly brought the actor to the brink, but For Willy’s Wonderland it was a huge plus.

The latest film with Nicolas Cage, low-budget horror Willy’s Wonderland, is not destined to enter the myth only for its illustrious protagonist, who plays a rather bizarre character, but also for the “beings” with which ours vents all its anger. As we have seen from the trailer of the film, and as we have told you in many news stories, the night watchman of an amusement park that the actor plays is fighting against possessed animatronic puppets. Well, what influenced, if not determined, their appearance was the same Cage, or rather his passion for reptiles.

It was the director who told it Kevin Lewis and the screenwriter GO Parsons, who during an interview with Entertainment Weekly explained: “Nic loves reptiles, loves amphibians, loves dinosaurs. It was he who suggested: here use an alligator, here a chameleon. We use a turtle instead of any mammal “.

Certainly, if it wasn’t for Nicolas Cage, Willy’s Wonderland he would not have seen the light, and in this case his eccentricities have borne fruit, also because the actor seems to have found an excellent means of expression in scary films. Not only do we think so, but also directors and producers, and the commentary on the trailer for Mandy from a youtube user, “Cage at his Cagest” (Cage in its maximum expression,) sums up this general impression very well.


The passion of Nicolas Cage for snakes, dinosaurs and other somewhat unusual things it was also his downfall, in a certain sense, because it led him to delapidate most of his substances in strange and very expensive objects and memorabilia: two albino cobras paid 270 thousand dollars, a dinosaur skull costing $ 276,000 and a crocodile, to name just a few. Just by virtue of these crazy things, Nic it seems to us really the only actor capable of playing the legendary Joe Exotic from Tiger King in the miniseries currently in pre-production.



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