Without lawyers against Nicaragua?

sounds the first tik tak this Tuesday, September 20 at WEEK and sounds around the sides of the strange things that continue to happen at the level of the Colombian Foreign Ministry.

Because we came from the inexplicable absence of Colombia in the extraordinary meetings called by the Organization of American States (OAS) to condemn the violation of human rights in Nicaragua, and then came Foreign Minister Leiva’s rectification in the sense that the dictator Daniel Ortega yes It is a great violator of rights.

Well, this is followed by the announcement that Colombia is thinking, o It has already made the decision to change lawyers in the face of Nicaragua’s demands on the seas of Colombia and its continental shelf in the International Court in The Hague. The problem is the moment in which we are in those processes.

The current team is headed by Colombian agents Manuel José Cepeda and Carlos Gustavo Arrieta. This team comes from the Santos government and was confirmed in the Duque government under the argument that it is better to be in the hands of someone who already knew the processes and not in the hands of someone who had to study them from day 1.

But at the moment when President Petro wants to change them, as they have been announced in a month and a half, a new team will have to study the case and the course of several years of demands from Nicaragua and the line of defense of Colombia has extremely complex issues, with the aggravating circumstance that the 10 years that Colombia has to present an appeal for review of the limitation sentence that condemned us in 2012 are about to expire.

That the Court review one of its rulings, because I think that has never happened, but not filing the appeal would be giving up a legitimate right that Colombia has to defend its territory. Second, in the lawsuit that is pending in the process of the extended continental shelf, known colloquially as the second lawsuit, the hearings that will be at the end of this year are still pending and there are some very important evidentiary issues, which with the help of experts that Colombia has already contracted for this purpose, we are preparing.

And third, regarding the first lawsuit, the one we lost, which Nicaragua alleges that Colombia has not complied with because it has not recognized the maritime limits that The Hague imposed us since 2012, since Colombia argued in its defense that any change in limits requires that we negotiate a treaty with Nicaragua and that the Colombian Congress approve it.

The Court recognized in this regard that the parties must reach an agreement on fishing so that the Sanadresan Raizals can carry out their artisanal fishing in waters today of the exclusive economic zone of Nicaragua or contiguous zones to the Colombian islands and islets. The question is whether, now that we have a new ambassador in Nicaragua, an agreement with Daniel Ortega is going to be entered into, what would be the package to be negotiated?

Because we risk condemnation for the delimitation of the extended continental shelf. So, will the negotiation with Nicaragua be only about fishing agreements or will it include a negotiation to stop the claim of limits against Colombia? I suppose that the lawyers Cepeda and Arrieta are absolutely silent about the concerns they may have about it so as not to harm Colombia.

But Colombia seems to be in a very weak situation, so that at this point we are thinking of passing as if we were crouching, which would get worse if we are now left without lawyers or if they are replaced by others who have to study the Nicaraguan demands from day zero. Will the negotiation in The Hague strengthen the fact that we have a new team and the current one will also have to present a detailed report on what has been done?

So, are we going to appoint new agents or are we going to negotiate with Nicaragua at a simply diplomatic level, but with that we are not exposed without defense before The Hague, we end up condemned more quickly in the ruling of the extended continental shelf? I don’t know, because with the rapidity in which Colombia changed its position, As Foreign Minister Leiva has shown, today it can be one thing and tomorrow, when it is already too late, another.

Tik Tak: Dangerous China-Russia alliance strengthens

And the rest of the planet watches in terror. Because while the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to cause global havoc, the US announces that if China invades Taiwan, it will intervene. And meanwhile, the Chinese and the Russians are playing best friends in joint military exercises. Listen to María Isabel Rueda.

At 7:07 in the morning the second tik tak this Tuesday, September 20 at WEEK and it sounds on the sides of the Alliance between China and Russia, which is increasingly worrying much of the rest of the planet.

And we are not the exception because although it seems at times that Ukraine is turning around the Russian invasion, the world continues to feel the ravages of this war, not only in inflation, but also in the shortage of hundreds of products and in energy difficulties.

In hopeful news, Ukraine’s government says it has retaken the town of Bilohorivka, in Russian-controlled Lugansk province, which is key to Putin’s plans to seize the Donbass region of which Lugansk is one half.

But, according to President Zelensky, the occupants of the region are in a panic, that is, the occupants the invaders. That would be proven by the fact that the leader of the occupied region, who is backed by Russia, is proposing that he put himself through a referendum on whether or not his inhabitants want the region to go to the Russians. That is, this is not a bullet, but voting.

It looks like a significant setback for the Russians. But, meanwhile, Biden’s president threatens that if the Chinese invade Taiwan, the United States will intervene not by sending tanks or weapons, as Ukraine does, but rather it will intervene, it will send an army.

And China and Russia are announcing that they are holding joint military exercises and deepening cooperation after a meeting between their leaders on Monday. China, for example, spent $8.3 billion on Russian energy products.

Meanwhile, Europeans are preparing for one of the coldest winters in their history, unable to warm up with Russian gas. Rather, the planet is in a mess and who knows what 2023 holds for us, about which it is time to start talking because this year, being September 20, we are finished.

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