Without plans for the weekend? Five movies where Michael Keaton shows all his talent

power hungry

Biopic of the creator of McDonald’s, or rather, who finally got the brand. He is Ray Kroc, the salesman who turned brothers Richard and Maurice’s groundbreaking fast-food restaurant McDonald’s into the fabulous business we know today: the world’s largest restaurant chain. What guided Kroc (our hero Michael Keaton) was not making the best burger, as seen in the film that interested the brothers, but ambition, which guided his most cruel actions. The McDonald’s claimed nothing more than to be the best hamburger in their town, San Bernardino, California, at most. But estimating how it was billed and the queue of people there, the dollar symbol was drawn in his eyes. A film with little contemplation about the figure that made McDonald’s great, and to a large extent, about how the American dream is made.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming

In this version of 2017, the young Peter Parker manages to balance his life as a high school student: he is one more in his school in Queens. But adolescents, whether by action (that is, standing out) or omission (that no one knows of their existence) do not want to be one of the others. Although not everyone has an aunt like May Parker (Marisa Tomei) or a watchful guardian like her mentor, Tony Stark. So everything goes more or less well for Peter, until his happy routine is interrupted by Vulture, a villain who in ordinary life is Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton), an electrical engineer who was unluckily fired from his job. . He returns for revenge, configuring a great villain to whom the actor in question lends all his talent.

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On the front page

Winner of two Oscars from the Hollywood Academy -best film and original screenplay-, this meticulous 2015 film tells the surprising true story of how the newspaper bostonglobe uncovered a massive child abuse scandal within a Catholic Archdiocese. The fact that shook the very religious community of Boston and the entire flock, has Michael Keaton as one of the journalists who was part of the team that the newspaper commissioned the task of reconstructing the story, and as accurately as possible , as it was a highly sensitive subject. An impeccable cast is completed by Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams and Liev Schreiber.

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This is the great dark comedy that made Alejandro G. Iñárritu famous. Here, Michael Keaton plays an actor fed up with failing, dealing with a group of fame junkies as he tries to put on a play that puts everything that remains of his career on the line. Among these neurotic characters from the entertainment world are those masterfully portrayed by Edward Norton and Naomi Watts, and the protagonist’s difficult relationship with his daughter, played by Emma Stone, is also crucial. Birdman It shows like a shining mirror the obsession of those who go on stage to achieve glory, but end up achieving nothing. In between, the jazz and the speed of the shots build a remarkable dynamic that results in a kind of painful hilarity. This 2014 film starring Michael Keaton was nominated for nine Oscars and won four, including best picture and best director.

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The other that made Keaton a reliable actor. And they say that no one wanted him as Batman – not even the production company and the casting director – except Tim Burton, who had already discovered what he was capable of in beetlejuice. However, they say that, in addition to that, the actor’s size also weighed in the choice of Burton: his physique was just the right size. And it must also be said, today, from a distance, when he has been seen in so many movies, Keaton feels very good about being an introverted millionaire (and if it is due to childhood trauma, even better). His phrase “I’m Batman” became famous all over the world, and legend has it that it belongs to him: the script said “I’m the night”. Whether or not he was right, and without being as famous as that “Hasta la vista, baby”, the truth is that Burton and Keaton’s Batman made the public trust that there was a character to follow, and in his own way, want.

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