“Without Shakira she has no existence”: Laura Bozzo attacks Clara Chia and Piqué again

Spanish magazine Lecturas has recently released the cover of its latest editionwhere the hero was a former football player Gerard Piqué and your partner clara chiA, who was holidaying in Croatia.

Although the photos of the Spaniards received hundreds of comments, there was one that caught the attention because it was the famous Peruvian presenter Laura Bozo.

as quoted by the magazine PeopleThe 72-year-old woman once again lashed out at the media couple after learning about these photos on social networks.

“Who cares? She doesn’t exist without Queen Shakira”Said.

In this way, the Peruvian once again attacked the media couple, nationalizing the Mexican, because in the past she had called Clara Chia a “husband stealer”.

“What’s the use of having a great body if you don’t have brain cells and you’re a husband stealer”assured the presenter in March.

A month later, precisely in April, Laura said that she was “disgusted” by Clara Chia’s attitude while flirting with Piquet, who had a stable relationship with Shakira.

“It seems disgusting to me, that a girl who is with a man and who knows that he is married, is getting into his bed (…) Look, I’m not saying that love doesn’t end . Yeah, that’s fine, but let’s do things right.”Held.

As for Pique, the Mexican celebrity explained: “This man is unlucky, unfaithful, a man who, instead of talking to her (Shakira), plays with the other (…) When these men are with famous and talented women like Shakira, He likes kittens, women who see him as a god”.

It is noteworthy that Shakira’s breakup with Pique and the footballer’s relationship with Clara Chia have attracted the attention of the international press and the community in general.

Many people have come out in defense of the Colombian artist as it was a hoax on the part of his former partner.

But the media isolation has served to boost the artistic career of Shakira, who has established herself at the top of digital platforms’ playlists with her music releases and collaborations with other artists.

His successful season began with a rendition of Monotonia with Ozuna; After session #53 next to Bizarrap; TQG, with Karol G; Acrostic, with his children and Copa Vecia; With manual turizzo.

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