Woman dances for Carlos Rivera in front of Cynthia Rodriguez

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carlos rivera He is one of the most relevant artists in Mexican music today, both for his talent musically and for his dance steps, with which he has certainly charmed more than one person in his concerts, including Mother of his son, Cynthia Rodriguez.

It is revealed and highlighted that this “gift” for dancing may have made his wife jealous, as she saw on his most recent show how one of the girls on his team danced, unusual for Carlos. Had the courage to dance properly.

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Woman dances for Carlos Rivera in front of Cynthia Rodriguez

It was through a video that became popular on social networks, in which we were able to see Carlos Rivera perform the song “Perdiendo la Cabeza”, which he originally recorded with Becky G and Pedro Capo in a band in Tamaulipas. Used to sing in the palace, when he was on a musical bridge. , Two dancers came from behind and then from the front and gave some moves which raised the temperature of the musician.,

The dance that attracted the most attention was that of a woman with curly hair, who grabbed Rivera’s waist and began to slide down her legs, while also shaking her hips without taking her eyes off the celebrity.

After this daring move, the audience screamed with excitement as they saw how “Leon’s” father was terrified by these forbidden moves, leaving everyone stunned.

Faced with this, the singer’s followers did not remain silent and filled social networks with divided opinions, making it clear that for them the interpreter of “Requierdem” was more nervous when the dancer was rising up little by little, Because according to him he said that for a moment he might have forgotten that his wife was there:

“I think he likes me,” “What a courageous woman,” “Didn’t they rehearse this?” Carlos’ followers wrote in, somewhat angered by the situation.

But don’t worry, because everything indicates that Cynthia was very distracted while talking to one of her friends, who was with her in the front row at the time, so Carlos was saved.

After this, Rivera saved the situation and showed himself to be a gentleman, changing the dance steps to something cool so that the dancers would walk away and he would not get a good scolding.

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Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodriguez

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