Woman lets her beard grow out and sends a powerful message of self-love

A woman, identified as Khosi Nkanyazi Buthelezi, changed viral worldwide After that he announced that He decided to grow a beard because he wants to break stereotypes, He assured that as a result of the incident, he has been the target of constant criticism.

cough is an independent book publisher, 42 years and is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. His story came to light through the media daily Mail, Who assured that when the woman walks through the streets, internet users look at her with disgust.

Woman discovers abundant hair has grown on her body

The woman said that, When I was still a teenager, he discovered it Hair was abundant on his skin, Comparisons were made by his classmates and friends in school.

However, for her, having hair was normal as some of her family members had the same condition. when finally He went to a doctor and was advised to get tested. hormonal levels, For fertility and polycystic ovary syndrome. Both were negative.

“I could have kids if I wanted and there was no need for hormone treatment, everything seemed fine.”

Another doctor told him this after reviewing his condition must be hurting hirsutismA condition that mainly affects women and causes excess hair to grow on certain parts of the body, such as the beard.

Sad, full of fear, he decided to shave his beard, but the hair was returning to his face. after Went for laser hair removal, Which worked for him at first, however, after some time everything became the same again.

“I remember talking to my family members about this, who warned me that shaving would make me taller, but I thought that was just a myth.

“After 10 sessions, my hair became thinner and my skin became softer. I was convinced that it works (…) However, when I stopped doing it for a year, the hair started growing back and I had to shave with a razor again.”

This spoiled his mood, so One day she decided to overcome the stereotype of an ideal woman she is a hairless woman And it is accepted as it is. Since that day he says he is feeling better; Beautiful in its entirety.

“I stopped shaving and started loving myself instead (…) I learned that self-acceptance is an important aspect of self-care,” the young woman told the Daily Mail.


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