Women’s Health Day: free events the National Women’s Health Day, which turns 7 on 22 April 2022, there are many initiatives throughout Italy involving hospitals and treatment centers. The goal is to inform as many people as possible to prevent and treat the main female pathologies.

45 gynecological clinics for Ukrainian refugees throughout Italy

To welcome the over 50 thousand refugees arrived in Italy accompanied by 35 thousand minors, it is also necessary to take care of the health and preventive aspects. For this the Italian federation of health and hospital companies (Fiaso) and the Italian Society of Gynecology and Obstetricspromote the opening of 45 gynecological surgeries dedicated to women from Ukraine in 13 Italian regions. From April 22, Ukrainian refugees will have access to diagnostic, clinical and psychological support services dedicated. But also receive assistance for obstetric and gynecological emergencies and for the prevention and follow-up of gynecological pathologies. In addition to the tests for the Covid19 screening and at vaccinationsUkrainian women will be able to contact the clinics participating in the initiative for ultrasounds or pap smears or vaginal swabs.

The toll-free number

Available, for information and doubts, the toll-free number 800 592 782 (active from Monday to Friday from 9 to 13). Ukrainian-speaking operators answer the phone and are also able to translate patients’ requests to doctors and health professionals. The cultural mediation service is provided by Sigo.

“The principle on which the national health service is based is that of solidarity and we cannot escape from those who suffer: it is a duty to offer specialized care and health assistance dedicated to those in difficulty – comments Giovanni Migliore, president of Fiaso -. The migratory flow from Ukraine mainly affects women and children and that is why we found it necessary activate gynecological clinics in hospitals and local health authorities that can give answers to women’s health needs. In a few days, with an appeal launched to all Fiaso member companies, we received an enthusiastic and convinced response and great support from our professionals. The structures will ensure safe and dedicated routes to Ukrainian refugees with the possibility of using an on-call cultural mediation service ”.

The solidarity project, launched by Fiaso and Sigo, was joined by 38 healthcare companies and hospitals throughout Italy for a total of 45 clinics.

Onda and Pink Unioni: over 300 exams and free visits throughout Italy

Until 30 April a pink thread unites Milan, Turin, Bergamo, Castellanza, Varese and Catania with the initiative of
ONDA – National Observatory on Women’s and Gender Health with over 300 between free visits, exams, consultations and meetings. The event claims Pink Union, a project of the Humanitas Research Foundation dedicated to women’s health and prevention. From breast to gynecology, from dermatology to cardiology, from endocrinology to proctology for pelvic floor health up to rheumatology and psychology.

The calendar can be consulted at the link

Recovering the diagnostic delays of the pandemic

The data collected byNational screening observatory from January 2020 to May 2021 compared with those of 2019, before Covid, they tell of a 28.5% drop in screenings carried out. Among them, it was carried out nearly one million fewer mammograms (817,000)about 3,558 breast cancer diagnoses not made with a delay of about five months. Furthermore, approx 784,760 screening of the cervix fewer with HPV test which replaced the Pap test, and an estimated 3,504 diagnoses of cervical cancers not made.

Even the colon cancer has undergone a change of “gender”, becoming the second “emergency” in the female world (20,000 cases), after breast cancer (55,000), but with a still rather high mortality and an accumulated delay in diagnosis of about six months. And while five-year survival for breast cancer reaches nearly 90% of patients, for colon cancer it drops dramatically to just over 65%. Aiom 2021).

What is Pink Union

Consider the differences between women and men in disease as well as in health is fundamental for the progress and accuracy of research and therefore of therapy. Symptoms, diagnostic pathways and therapeutic needs change, as do disease prevalence and mortality rates.

He takes care of all this “Pink Union”, the Humanitas Foundation for Research project entirely dedicated to women’s health.

Anticipating ovarian cancer

Among the studies, carried out in close collaboration with the IRCCS Istituto Clinico Humanitas, there is the project led by Professor Maurizio D’Incalcihead of the Laboratory of Antitumor Pharmacology of Humanitas, with the aim of anticipate the diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Early interception of this “silent killer” – whose symptoms are not specific and when it is discovered in 80% of cases it is already widespread – can allow complete recovery. The goal is to identify the pathology early through one of the best known screening tests, the PAP testperformed to detect cervical cancer.

Women's Health

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The five female pathologies to keep an eye on

For some pathologies, such as gynecological, breast and colon cancers, the screening are decisive for prevention and early diagnosis. From adolescence to childbearing age, up to menopause, there are at least five other female pathologies to which particular attention should be paid.

Depression, anxiety and the intestine: the decalogue to get better

Depression, anxiety and the intestine: the decalogue to get better

Cardiovascular diseases

They are the leading cause of death in Italy (38%) but they affect females more (37.7%) than males (31.7%)*. Many of the female cardiovascular diseases start with generic symptoms that are unrelated to the heart, but they can prevent with a cardiological examination and ECG especially in women most at risk by age (increases the risk in menopause), familiarity, lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, incorrect diet, sedentary lifestyle), pathologies (diabetes, obesity, hypercholesterolemia, arterial hypertension). The circulation in the legs is also affected by many of the risk factors for the heart: swelling (edema) and varicose veins can be prevented and treated.


In Italy, out of 3 million patients suffering from depression, 2 million are women. Symptoms occur more frequently in menopause and postpartum, due to hormonal changes. But they can be due to stressful events such as the Covid pandemic or other exogenous personal factors. Symptoms are often hidden (silent depression) or mystified by ostentatious happiness (“smiling depression”). The most common symptoms are: feeling of deep inner emptiness, loss of interest in what you love to do, feelings of guilt, sleep and appetite disturbances, poor concentration and performance at work or school are some of the symptoms. Depression is not “a little bit of sadness”. Contacting an expert is a fundamental first step in starting to tackle the problem. Engaging in creative activities, clearing your mind, setting yourself challenging but achievable goals, having a healthy lifestyle and exercising at every stage of life is good for mental health.


Although age is one of the risk factors, familiarity, certain medications, sedentary lifestyle, excessive thinness and obesity, smoking and poor nutrition are also the causes of the disease that makes bones fragile. In the presence of these factors it is advisable to start a correct prevention, also through physical exercise such as resistance training (such as brisk walking and cycling) and by taking the vitamin Dalso correcting the lifestyle andPower supply. There Early diagnosis is key and is done with the MOC to assess bone health.

Prolapse and urinary incontinence

Symptoms of outward descent of the pelvic organs (bladder, uterus and rectum) they can occur in young and active women due to constipation or cystitis, after one or more deliveries due to pelvic floor disorders, or in menopause due to vulvovaginal atrophy. Vaginal or rectal prolapse is the most serious consequence of these disorders, which are often heralded by slight loss of urine, especially following exertion (stress incontinence). Dab with panty liners and sanitary napkins is not the solution. The specific exercises for strengthening the pelvic muscles you waspelvic floor qualification in pregnancy and after childbirth, help prevention. If you have symptoms, talking to an expert can help find the cure.

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Diseases of the thyroid gland

In adulthood, the women are 20% more likely than males to have thyroid problems which can also affect the fertility. With the premenopause (after 40) and then with menopausethe gland that regulates the production of thyroid hormones may have a greater risk to develop malfunctions. In some cases, the presence of functional changes in the thyroid gland can affect some symptoms of menopause, such as mood swings, weight gain, skin rashes and hot flashes. In presence of familiarityperiodic check-ups, tests to check the levels of thyroid hormones and ultrasound of the thyroid, are essential for the prevention and early diagnosis of thyroid diseases.


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