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There are fragrances that transport you to other parts of the world, but there are others that make you look and feel different and the people around you perceive you differently. perfume from this list, which are perfect to feel young and fashionable no matter how old you are, always staying at the forefront.

Staying young is something that everyone wants to do, the truth is that time waits for no one, but there are some things that can be done about it, especially when it comes to attitude and feeling young, which seems to be key in the way people perceive your age, no matter what it is.

With these perfumes you can always be in fashion and feel younger than ever

These perfumes make the best of the complex elements with which they were created to generate a feeling of almost eternal youth, so they are perfect for women of any age who want to always feel relevant in fashion.

-Ariana Grande, Ari: Like Ariana Grande herself, this fragrance seeks to be pleasant, but without neglecting its great qualities. She has an incredible mix of raspberry, pear and grapefruit notes, while maintaining a fresh citrus tone.

-Tommy Hilfiger, Girl: Being part of the Hilfiger house, it is a perfume with the highest standards in the industry, full of complexity, but without overwhelming the senses, as it maintains an incredible balance between elements such as bear, lily and violet.

– Giorgio Armani, Yes Woman: Another great brand of fragrances that gets on this list and it is not for less, because this perfume has shown the wonders it promises on the market, achieving enormous popularity among women of all ages.

– Paco Rabanne, Lady Million: lemon, neroli, raspberry, orange blossom, gardenia, jasmine, patchouli and white honey come together perfectly to create this refreshing fragrance, which points directly to the femininity of the wearer, highlighting their attributes.

– Acquolina, Pink Sugar: Just like the bottle that contains the fragrance, this product is dedicated to the most playful, adventurous and intrinsically youthful part of women, making use of the best of sweet notes to create a whole experience.

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