Woody Allen got his lucky break in Barcelona

“The one who said it is better to be lucky than talented knows the essence of life.” People are afraid to admit that much of life depends on luck. It’s scary to think how much things are out of our control. Sometimes in a match the ball touches the edge of the net and continues moving forward for a moment or falls backward. “Hopefully he keeps going and you win, or maybe he doesn’t and you lose.” That’s how it graphically (and as a philosophy of life) begins. match pointthat movie Woody Allen Remaining faithful to its annual appointment with its audience, it premiered in 2005. This is the film that marks the boundary between its classic phase and everything that came after, with great titles and others that are more irrelevant.

What’s more, just yesterday, the New Yorker admitted that he was merely saving Ten titles from his filmography, is 20% of the total. I honestly believe it took more than necessary to apply the brakes, there is a lot more that makes the cut. eagerly, in match point (He puts it in the category of people he approves of) The character that defines the fate of the rest is Nola (yes, this is the name of New Orleans, the city of jazz), the role was assigned to Scarlett Johansson. Is. The woman who one day had the courage to recreate her idol Tom Waits on record. On the other hand, an area that Woody Allen has never encroached upon. His talk, musically, explores other less gruesome territory than that trodden by Pomona. Woody does it with one the clarinetHis weapon of seduction when talking about music.

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Some of the most famous and most influential clarinetists in the history of jazz have been inspired by names like Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Woody Herman, Eddie Daniels or Paquito D’Rivera. Woody Allen will not be there, as is his role in a genre with so many iconic personalities. As he often says, he is the only one occasional clarinetist, Arguably, because of his importance to history as a film director (and actor), he has given more media coverage to that instrument than others who have engaged in the recording studio and stage for decades. without power or presence within jazz While the trumpet or saxophone has this, the clarinet has a unique sound. When he enters the scene, he makes his point heard. “Musically, the clarinet is a much richer instrument than the dictionary suggests.” This phrase was said by the poet played by Dario Grandinetti in the film dark side of the heartRight in the middle of a traffic jam in Buenos Aires, with the belief that he was making a statement with that incident.

What matters here is to see and be close to the 88-year-old man who has given us so much pleasure in his films.

I don’t know if Woody Allen has seen that movie, but if he has, and with that good sense of irony that he has, he would have sharpened the perspective. He may also hide it in one of his tapes. On the occasion of the premiere of his new film, stroke of luck (See? Luck again), Woody Allen takes advantage of the publicity round, as he promised at the presentation of one of his books, this is his last film (unless someone finances it), with his gang of friends. To bring together to play jazz. After the death of Eddie Davis in 2020, in whose hands has the command of his combo gone? Conal Fox And simon wetenhall, Therefore, and despite this forced change, the essence of their concerts remains the same; Live music for all audiences.

There’s no revolution here, nor any connection to the scenes that are currently rocking gender transitions in Los Angeles and London, with hip-hop and urban in the background. Makaya McRaven does not appear here, nor does Shabaka Hutchings. This set is similar to the set proposed by Woody Allen agreement and disagreement With Sean Penn as Django Reinhardt. But after all, this is a minor detail. What matters here is to see and be close to the 88-year-old man who has given us so much pleasure in his films. Movies that save you from most bad days. And that feeling, that aroma, is present before the appointment. Conversations here and there, taxis standing at the door of the theatre, people dressed for the occasion, some people entering quickly for fear of losing their place and on the contrary, there are people who calmly wait for their arrival. Let’s pour our glass of champagne. This is Woody’s universe; We all fit in the same cage.

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On coming out, 1,500 people The people who were inside the theater have performed completely. The faces are satisfied. Woody Allen and his New Orleans companions They have offered exactly what was expected of them. On stage, almost all of its members come out wearing jackets and whoever is wearing it takes it off. The night is still hot. Woody moves to a different tempo, in the second song he crosses his legs and begins playing his instrument. Then he gets up to present the concert, confirming what we had already assumed, the quality of the musicians is undeniable, Simon Wetterhall (trumpet) and Jerry Zygmont (trombone) lead the way, they even stand up to sing. There are two types, one with a swampier feel, the other much lighter. In some ways, they are the ones who look most like hooligans, in addition to playing, they could also plan a robbery middle aged scoundrelThe entertaining comedy that Allen premiered in 2000. The repertoire is, more or less, as expected Corina Corina To When I leave this world behind, and passes from WC Handy (a double) and Jerry Rolle Morton in between. It is certain that the ball for today’s new appointment with Barcelona match point Will fall on the winning side of the net. You know, life is a matter of luck. And Woody, despite everything, has got it.

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