Workout: Goodbye flabby arms

There are a number of highly effective and functional exercises that can help improve our arms. that’s how

With the arrival of the springmany have started to spend much more time atopen air. The urge to get back in shape and feeling better about yourself increases as your temperature rises, but not everyone can afford the time and money to do a workout in the gym.


In fact, in this article we would like to suggest a few methods particularly effective and functional useful to help improve our arms. Here, then, is a fun and useful way to get ready for summer with some exercises suitable.

Here are the exercises that help us improve our arms

Have care of your body it is very important to keep your body healthy and feel better about yourself. It doesn’t necessarily need to Go to the gym to do so and, in fact, they exist exercises to do at home particularly useful that can help us achieve our goal.

In fact, to get back in shape and improve our arms, you don’t necessarily need to do some heavy exercises. As reported by theHigher Institute of Health doing physical activity does not necessarily mean going to the gym and doing exercises for many hours in the gym, but just doing whatever effort which can be translated into energy consumption.

Walking at a brisk pacetherefore, represents an excellent exercise that could improve theequilibrium. You can do your body a great favor by starting with a very simple exercise: walk at any speed. While we go for walks, we also try to do some circles with your arms so as to loosen your shoulders.


We can also perform thrusts forward, as if we were punching a boxer. We keep the back very straight and we start in a defensive position, while we have elbows bent in front of the torso. We can repeat this exercise, alternating movement 15 times.

One last exercise concerns above all the shoulders. Try to keep the open arms and stretched up to shoulder height. Taking i palms straight and facing outwards, try to push the air that comes at us. Keep your arms straight e rotate them first clockwise and then counterclockwise.

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