Works on the Bordighera seafront: Trucchi, mayor proceeded independently

“The mayor has not convened any suitable commission for a collaborative evaluation, but has proceeded independently”

Councilor Trucchi intervenes on the calendar of the works

The renovation works of the first batch of the Bordighera seafront will probably start in September and will last for many months. Therefore, the work must continue with a second batch. During the electoral campaign, the mayor had shown himself willing to be able to review, possibly with the contribution of the opposition, some points of the initial planning to improve the existing critical points that were also often denounced by a large part of public opinion.”.

Thus the minority municipal councilor in Bordighera, Giuseppe Trucchi (Civic List Together)

spoke at the news of the schedule for the remodeling works on the promenade. “In fact – add – the mayor has not convened any suitable Commission for a collaborative and proactive evaluation, but has proceeded, according to the methods also used during his first term, completely autonomously. Therefore, the project remains the original, perhaps with some minimal adjustments and without any collaboration with the opposition.”.

And he concludes: “We take note of this, as in the past we had to suffer total indifference to our proposal to call an ideas contest to provide multiple ideas and visions aimed at promoting the most important asset of our city. We have carried out the task that the law attributes to the consistorial opposition, which is that of criticism and also of proposal. We were not considerate at all. Everyone will take responsibility for their roles.“.

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