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There is only 1 month and a half left for the fifth edition of the World Baseball Classic to start; Until now, much uncertainty hangs over the possible participation of Ronald Acuña Jr. with the Venezuelan team.

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On repeated occasions, the man from La Sabana has expressed his desire to join the national team, however, he himself sees that option as complicated due to the position of the Atlanta Braves medical staff and coaches:

They “decided that’s probably not going to happen,” he says recently.

If they could not count on the talent of Ronald’s son, an obvious gap would open up in the defensive and offensive scheme of the Creole representation. He is expected to be the center fielder.

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As a projection, it is feasible to have Avisaíl García in right field and Anthony Santander in left field, so who would replace Acuña?

An alternative, which even seems logical, could be Odúbel Herrera, who has extensive experience in the best baseball in the world, 746 commitments and 6,139 chapters as a central ranger are a perfect endorsement. The detail is that he remains a free agent in the MLB, this can be a stumbling block.

Another of the options for the center field could be Harold Castro, but he still looks complicated; He has just signed a signature with the Colorado Rockies, where he is not guaranteed a place in the big team, his focus should be on training camps to stay in the Majors.

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On the other hand, David Peralta is a good option as a left-handed hitter, but during his bigleaguer career, with 918 games defensively, he has only accumulated 23 games and 167.2 innings in center field.

Another possibility goes through José Azócar, who, as a center field defender, accumulated the most games during his journey between the farms of the Detroit Tigers and San Diego Padres, 242 games and 2017.2 innings.

Likewise, Oswaldo Cabrera dazzled as a ranger at his graduation last year, but without any game in position number 8; In the Minor Leagues he only accumulated 3 as right field and 1 as left field, also, it seems difficult for him to have permission from the New York Yankees, always very strict with his talents.

In all these cases, it would remain to see their full willingness to attend the event.

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