World Cup 2023: Schedules and schedules for the League of Legends world championship final

T1 returns to a world final League of Legends for the sixth time. Last year I lost to the heart of China, butfaker’ try to end this new reign.

Everyone is looking for the list for the grand finale World Cups 2023the world video game championship League of Legends.

From Sunday, November 19 until 3 in the morning in Peru, your legendary team T1with ‘fakers‘between the ranks, you will take a step towards the inclined square Weibo Games for the anxiety of the Summoner’s Cup and for the half-million dollar prize.

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A living legend

T1 It is the most historic team in this video game. Called up against SK Telecom, they went to their first World Cup final in 2013 and, with the trophy, a figure that would last these days would also be born: ‘faker’.

In total, the organization won three world championships (2013, 2015 and 2016), but reached the final 6 times (2017, 2022 and 2023).

The South Korean, who was recently saved from mandatory military service in his country thanks to his gold medal at the 2023 Asian Games, will compete in the sixth world final with a club on his chest. In 2022 he lost to DRX, against his high school classmate ‘Deft’, in one of the best final series of the League of Legends competitive.

But even after his two defeats (2017 was one of the saddest images with the player glorifying the result against Samsung Galaxy), no other player has been able to be at the top of the same video game 10 years after his debut, so it could be close to the maximum celebration, and also dispatched, offaker’.

Whatever happens, you have a revealing team ahead of you. Weibo Gamesas organized, born shortly, in 2021. Classified in the World Cups 2023 in the last darkness of China, which is why few realized the initial hope of seeing them in this year’s grand final.

Individually, you can find figures like ‘TheShy’ (campaign with Invictus Gaming in 2018) or ‘Xiaohu’. Likewise, with the precedent of DRX last year (which was also dark), there will always remain a latent amenity.

Going a little further, it is also the other way around how Asia completely dominates this competitive circuit. 7 of the 8 best teams come from this continent and now have another rivalry: South Korea vs. Porcelain. In the semi-finals, 3 of the teams were crouched, so now T1weighs on his mythical story, starting as a revelation before he told it.

Final photo of Worlds 2023 Media Day: Weibo Gaming vs. T1.Source: Riot Games

Its protagonists speak

This miracle was achieved on Media Day riot games For this final and the protagonists talked about this important day.

Naz Aletaha, global director of League of Legends Esports reported that the competition’s audience has increased by 65% ​​compared to last year and is due in part to the round that was implemented in the group stage.

According to the executive, this type of fight between the best and the worst (according to their results) allowed for more correct matches, so that the teams would rush their opponents with the same objective of victories and losses.

By 2024, yes, if we try to avoid interregional matches, especially during the first round. They also look for the possibility of avoiding revenge.

Maria Egan, Riot’s global head of music and events, explained in part that they wanted to return to South Korea finding a genre like Kpop for themselves, which was the reason behind the adventure with the band. NewJeans. Its “enormous global rise” impressed the company from which it emerged Godswhich I described as a “sound of him League of Legends truly traditional and very iconic.”

On the players’ side,’Gumayusi‘, of T1He assured that he knows “how many fans want to play”, that “they have the greatest responsibility” to achieve a good result.

But, clearly, the one I expected the most wasfakers‘. “I appreciate being able to improve and grow in the process of preparing for the finals. Throughout my career as a professional player, many things have improved. One of the best things is that my way of thinking has changed. I am happy that I can learn more about why I play professionally,” I said during shoot day.

“I really hate losing. I always enjoy competing with the best players, it is a joy for me. And through the process it gives me the power to improve my performance. Let me follow you forward,” she stated.

At the end of the day, Weibo Games and T1 Turn the “sort” along the coin to find the side of the first map: the team will be there when the blue side begins.

How and where do you see the 2023 World Cup final?

We will be able to see the grand final of World Cups 2023 This was on Sunday, November 19 until 3 am Peru. This will be played in person at the Gocheok Sky Dome in South Korea.

The broadcast channels are official. Riot games. You can watch it in Latin with Lol Esports Latin America, but you can also watch the broadcast in English or follow Ibai and the LVP cast on Twitch or YouTube.

T1 reaches the final with a victory over the competition’s top favorite, JD Gaming, by 3-1. Weibo surprised everyone by losing to Bilibili Gaming by 3-2.

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