World Cup 2023: Schedules and where to watch the final of the League of Legends world championship between T1 and Weibo Gaming – League of Legends

The most important League of Legends competitive match of the year will be held very soon and we are counting on you for everything you need to know

the world championship League of Legends If you are ready for your last week. The 2023 Worlds will end on November 19, 2023 with a between T1 and Weibo Gaming who will decide which team wins the most important trophy in the official Riot Games competitions. Expectations for everything after the end of the day. fakers –considered the best player in history– reached his second consecutive final (the sixth for the top three in the world). They will think that throughout the tournament they will be considered the weakest Asian team of all. A Weibo Gaming you could ask for was in the group stage, but survived; that I had an easy crossing in the final and that when Nobody trusted him he was able to win in the semifinals. Another story in the path of the Korean team, they hope this time with a different ending than in 2022.

Final schedule of the League of Legends World Cup 2023

The final will be played at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, a ball stadium with capacity for between 16,000 and 25,000 spectators who are accustomed to all the needs of a League of Legends competition. In the menu, next to the game between T1 and Weibo Gaming that plays strongly like Plato, we will also tend to opening ceremony. He will have musical performances – including the K-pop group NewJeans – and will ask for a preview of future novels that will lead to video games. Starting at 9:00 a.m. the Spanish peninsula will be the most important day for video games riot games during this year. We will have to get out of this at a prudent time, which is not always pleasant in the country, but with all the stories that are placed at the top of the table we can assure that the 2023 World Cup final will be worth it.

  • Place: Gocheok Sky Dome Stadium in Seoul (South Korea)
  • Team participants: T1 (South Korea) and Weibo Gaming (China)
  • Day and hour: On Sunday, November 19, 2023 at 9:00 a.m., the opening ceremony will be held on the Spanish peninsula. A minute later, the games.
The last World Cup final held in South Korea was in 2018.

Where is the League of Legends World Cup final?

Now that we know the participants, we must present the broadcast options. The truth is that we have three alternatives when it comes to the final and we recommend them choose the flavor you like. There is no correct way to enjoy this 2023 World Cup final. We present it to you and you decide!

  • LVP Spain: I am the ‘chain’ with official broadcasting rights in the world. Even with pleasant feedback, they will provide a more professional emphasis. The details of the broadcast have not yet been revealed. However, we do know that two of their most reputable commentators (Noah and Champi) will be live at the Sky Dome in Seoul. Again the broadcast will tend to the same. LVP Twitch Channel.
  • Ibai Llanos: Accompanied by other content creators related to the world of League of Legends, the duo of KOI and the elderly narrator of LVP have been invited to South Korea as official ‘costreamers’. Even if the matches are serious, it is the perfect option to achieve a more relaxed concentration in moments of lower competitive intensity (breaks, opening ceremony…). You can see it, as always, in him. Ibai Twitch Channel.
  • riot games: The company brings you an official broadcast of the event in English. The approach is as professional as one would expect and is a perfect alternative that, above all, accustomed users will enjoy. Here it is Riot Games Official Twitch Channel.

For those who want to live the full world championship experience, it is expected that the three viewing options we offered will bring content related to League of Legends Worlds 2023 throughout the week. Although it doesn’t make much sense to know that the mere mention of Faker makes the public jump into the air, it is time to start building the ‘hype’ and try to beat the records that Riot Games has just set in the report to electronic sports. We recommend you Tune in to the channel you have chosen before 9:00 to enjoy the previous one. The occasion is worth it!

In 3DGames | It is the great exception to Riot Games’ logic and has not received changes for a couple of years. League of Legends has a ‘stable item’ for many transformations.

In 3DGames | Riot Games made a mistake two years ago that God knows, and they are paying dearly in the League of Legends world.

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