World Diabetes Day, the “second epidemic”

Presently in the medical world, diabetes is known as diabetes. “Second pandemic”, a chronic disease that afflicts a large number of people around the world.

only in mexico 12 million 400 thousand people are suffering from this condition, as determined from the data provided by the above information National Health and Nutrition Survey, The worrying thing is that diabetes is a chronic disease which can gradually affect the functioning of various organs of the body like kidneys, eyesight or even skin.

Diabetes can occur at every age for various reasons, however, the most common cause is type ii diabetes one of two diabetes mellitusand occurs at a higher percentage rate in people of 60 years and aboveAnd if it is not detected and controlled in time, fatal outcome for the patient is imminent.

When a person who is already suffering from it does not undergo screening and protocols to control it, the immediate effect is hyperglycemia, a sudden increase in blood levels. blood sugar level It is caused by a decrease in the body’s production or use of insulin, the hormone responsible for equalizing blood pressure. glucose born in Pancreas.

Type I diabetes, on the other hand, occurs in childhood and adolescence; Due to gestational, pregnancy-associated hormones, and glucose-increasing steroid medications, this class may also result in fatalities.

To put this in perspective, the annual mortality rate from diabetes mellitus is 361 per 100,000 inhabitants, and the rate from type I is 30 deaths per 100 thousand.

it 14 November commemorates world diabetes day To create awareness and necessary conditions for widespread, effective and affordable access to the majority of the population, creating conditions of safety, certainty and support for patients suffering from diabetes.


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