world premiere presentation in Las Vegas

The Order of Doctors of Palermo is betting on CheckMed, the cutting-edge telemedicine system developed by the engineer Giuseppe Giorgianni. In world premiere, the device was presented by the Messina start-up iNNOVA (based in Milazzo) at Ces 2022 (Consumer electronics show), the largest high-tech event in Las Vegas in the United States of America.
CheckMED is a complete telemedicine solution which, through an Iot (Internet of Things) device, is able to receive and transfer data online in real time, making health systems more effective and sustainable. In partnership with the order of doctors of Palermo, the medical experimentation of the device will start shortly, which can be purchased in pharmacies and supermarkets as early as next June.

“The Iot device, integrated with management software and a smartphone app – explains Giorgianni, president and founder of iNNOVA – allows you to remotely monitor the patient, store data and therapies and exchange information with medical staff, facilitating the relationship doctor-patient and increasing therapeutic compliance “.

There are two versions, light and Pro. “The Pro version – continues the engineer – thanks to a system for detecting accidental falls, allows you to send a request for help, monitoring vital parameters in real time and selecting, based on the status health of the patient, the actor to be notified through a sophisticated algorithm of artificial intelligence (Ia) “.

As the president of the Palermo Medical Association Toti Amato, member of the board of the Fnomceo National Federation underlines, “The applicative versatility offered by telemedicine in general and this highly sophisticated device in particular is vital. The gradual aging of the population and the increase in chronic non-hospitalized patients require the support of new technologies. Covid has highlighted the importance of remote consultation and remote medical services, but the digital transformation in healthcare is still only partially perceived. The indispensable elements are missing: an overall vision of the digital process, an operational plan and another training plan shared among all the players in the health system. None of these elements can be evaded ”.

Among other functions, CheckMED detects temperature, beats per minute, blood pressure, respiratory rate, monitors sleep and sedentary lifestyle. And again: it reminds patients when and which drugs to take through a notification on the smartphone or other home voice assistants used, such as Alexa and Google Home.

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