Would Gal Gadot return as Wonder Woman in “The Flash”? This is what is known

All lovers in the universe DC Comics They are anxious that it is June 16, since it is the date on which the film will be released “The Flash”, starring Ezra Miller and directed by Andy Muschietti. However, it seems that many will go crazy after it became known that Gal Gadot could appear on the tape as Wonder Womanone of the most beloved characters in comic strips.

This was known thanks to the company funko, which has placed the figure of the Amazonian princess within the new line of official products of the work. As soon as the image was released, it went viral on social networks, as Diana can be seen holding the lasso of truth and the tiara on her forehead. In the same way you can see two Batman, which will be played by the actors Ben affleck and Michael keaton.

Official Funkos from the movie “The Flash” (Photo: IG @nerdserviceeeee)

So far this is all that is known about the possible appearance of gal gadot. Perhaps as the months go by, more clues will be released about the role that the heroine will play in “The Flash”. On the other hand, the possibility that the dolls were designed before the cuts that would eventually be related to the departure of the director is not ruled out. patty Jenkins in the third part of “Wonder Woman“.

Although at the moment they are only rumors and the stay of the Israeli star is uncertain in DC comics, has yet to appear as Wonder Woman making a cameo in “Shazam! The fury of the gods”, according to Europa Press. For now, the actress has not spoken about it on her social networks, although she will do so eventually if it is true.

For many “The Flash” It is a relevant film since James Gunn and Peter safran They have planned to do a reset of the universe for 2025 with “Gods and Monsters” and give you a vision of your own.


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