Would Johnny Depp return as Jack Sparrow?

It seems that the dream of fans of Johnny Depp could come true, because the images of Jack Sparrow, the character from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series, which brought him to fame, were projected at the Disneyland castle in Paris , which gives clues that the actor could return as the image of the company, because after the controversy that arose as a result of Amber Heard’s declarations that Depp was an abuser, the company decided not to work with him anymore.

After the also model published a column in “The Washington Post”, declaring that he had suffered domestic violence, Johnny’s career was seen under the rubble. Now that the trial between these two actors ended a few weeks ago and the judges gave the opinion in favor of Depp, the professional life of the musician begins to give some flashes.

The images of the character, broadcast in the castle of the theme park surrounded by fireworks, were published on social networks, a fact that caught the attention of fans and the media.

Despite the fact that at the beginning of the problem, Sean Bailey, one of Disney’s most important executives, never declared that the departure of “Sparrow” was due to Heard’s declarations, many assured that there were interests involved so no ” It was convenient” for the artist to be part of the films.

However, although there are speculations about the return of the artist, in one of the sessions of the recent legal trial against Amber, Depp declared that for nothing in the world, “not even for 300 million dollars” would he work with Disney again in a movie of ” Pirates of the Caribbean”. Could it be that they convinced Jhonny? Or is it a company strategy?

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