Would Robert Downey Jr. return to play the hero? Yes, but on one condition


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A few days ago the big news: Iron Man will be back in action on the small screen in the stop-motion series MODOK, where the actor will play him this time Jon Hamm, already known to television audiences for playing Don Draper in Mad Men, a role that earned him two Golden Globes.

After the announcement, fans of the MCU have begun to ask themselves a question that more or less all fans of the Avengers will have asked themselves with the release of Endgame: we will be able to see of Robert Downey Jr. to wear the clothes – or rather the armor – of his character once again?

Although he has never been openly opposed to his return, the actor seems to be quite certain that, after the final sacrifice, of his Tony Stark there will be no more traces in the next projects of the franchise.

While I Marvel Studios are in fact working on the launch of new heroes, the good old Avengers are leaving the scene one after the other, and it is quite obvious that – after the death of Black Widow and premature aging of Captain America – soon it will also be the turn of Thor, Hulk And Hawk eye step aside.

As for Stark, Robert Downey Jr. has made it known that he would agree to return on one condition:


“For me, starting over is quite out of the question. I feel like I’ve already done everything possible with that character. I would consider stepping into his shoes again if there was a really convincing argument. And also a series of events that made his return obvious. But one important thing is that at the moment I would like to do other things. “

In short, we cannot blame him. On the other hand, the Iron Man saga has been going on since 2008, therefore, after having lent the face to the character in 11 films of the MCU – between prominent roles and cameo -, it is also assumed that the actor wants to continue with his career. What do you think?

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