Would you know how to distinguish these 60 video game sounds? Challenge for experienced players only

Over the months, different types of Wordle have emerged, and there is even one for video games. However, the challenge we set for you today is much more complicated: recognize 60 video games just by listening to small fragments of iconic sounds that characterize them.

Why 'Wordle', the word-guessing game that has hooked the internet, is so addictive

We have achieved a total of 35 points, and although some sounds are absolutely unmissable, others will cost you to recognize them And you’re going to have to give quite a lot to the brain.

Recognize these 60 video game sounds and show that you know more than anyone

First things first: in order to take on the challenge, you will have to access the website.

Once inside, you will find exactly what you see in the picture below.

challenge sounds video games authentic gamers

Here you have the basic rules of the challenge:

  • The game has a autocomplete system pretty smart. If you have hit the saga, in practically all the answers (except for a couple justified).
  • There are no wrong answers, that is, making a mistake has no penalty. You can try several answers until you find the correct one.
  • To hear the sounds, click on the play button to the left of each text box. You can put it as many times as you want.
  • If you see that you have already completed all the answers you know and the rest of the sounds do not sound remotely familiar to you, you have a button at the bottom of the web that says “Press and hold for spoilers”. Basically, you can hold down the button for a few seconds to reveal all responses, preventing you from responding to anyone.
challenge 60 sounds video games

Press the button for a few seconds to see the answers

And with this, the explanation of this simple challenge ends. As you will see in the image above, when you finish you have the score you have achieved in SCORE. As you have already read above, we have achieved 35 points (a scratch-off), and it will be interesting for you to share the challenge with your friends and acquaintances to see who is the most video game pilot.

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