Would you leave Olympia and go to Saprissa? Pedro Trollo’s decisive answer about his future after being a three-time champion


Argentinean Pedro Trollo He is a coach who seduces a lot in football. Costa Rica after his resounding success in the Honduran league, where he won Olympia in three and a half years at the helm.

The South American strategist had just repeated a new treble and did so while establishing himself as an undefeated champion, a record that has immortalized him in the painful books of Central American football.

Olimpia surpasses Saprissa to become the largest in Central America after the completion of the 2023 season.

For this reason, many doubts arise as to whether the relationship is Trollo With Olympia He will have doubts beyond the next tournament, because at the end of the 2024 Clausura the coach’s contract will expire, but he has no illusions about where he would like to coach.

In an interview with Tigo Sports Costa Rica, the coach of the Costa Rican national team Olympia He was asked if he wanted to move to Costa Rica to take the reins of Saprissa, Leon’s direct competitor in the region, to which his answer was emphatic.

“No, no, not Saprissa, this is a fantastic club. Herediano And Alajuelense Besides, these are barbaric clubs. “I can’t help but recognize great teams, but I never had that illusion,” he replied. Trollo to a journalist’s question Gustavo Lopez.

Tico’s communicator told the Argentine that this was the Purple Monster’s long-standing desire, however Pedro Trollo He made it clear that he never had anything to do with Costa Rican football.

“Not once in the two years that I was in Honduras did a leader call me. When someone loves you, they pick up the phone, call you and pick you up. Does Tico football appeal to me? Yes, this is a league very similar to ours, with good fields and infrastructure,” Troglio concluded.

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