wow! Amanda Seyfried debuts a new haircut in a selfie

amanda seyfried stands out for being many things, among them, a person with quite long blonde hair –it could be said that it is her characteristic look– and a brilliant artist in front of the camera. This last one also does it at the time of taking selfieapparently, and this is how he has shown that he is no longer the first.

The award-winning actress published on Tuesday, May 10, a selfie very artistic in his stories, where it is clearly seen that he has cut several centimeters of hair. model the new haircut tilting her head, showing only a fraction of her face, letting the wavy style take up most of the composition as it cascades over her pink sleeveless top. chartreuse.

Instagram @mingey

It’s hard to know exactly How much hair has Amanda Seyfried cut? – believe us, we have tried to calculate the angle of her head in front of the beginning of her shoulder – but she is definitely several centimeters less in length since she was seen at the Power of Women 2022 event, from Variety, last week, when it reached the middle of her back. For now, until we see more photos, only her stylist, DJ Quintero, knows for sure how short she is.

Article originally published by Allure US, allure.com, adapted by Paola Zamarripa.

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