Wrestler Dwayne Johnson is out of the US presidential election. – The New Tribune

Dwayne Johnson announces that it no longer wants to run for the American presidential election. The wrestler wants to take care of his family more. The news was revealed on “CBS Sunday Morning” this Friday. Dwayne Johnson was long heralded in the US presidential race. He himself has declared that he will be able to present himself in the future “if that’s what people wanted”. But to everyone’s surprise, Dwayne Johnson gave up his ambition.

CBS released a statement from the wrestler announcing that “the White House“is no longer on the agenda and that he is not preparing his candidacy for the presidency. Dwayne Johnson now prioritizes his family to the detriment of political ambitions. “I love our country and everyone who lives there. I love being a dad too “, he says in an excerpt from CBS. He wants to catch up in the education of his daughters “My #1 priority is my daughters because I know what it was like to be on the road and being so busy I was away for many years while my first daughter was growing up at this critical age and at this critical time in his life”explained the 50-year-old star.

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