X Factor 2021: bootcamp and fifth episode report cards


Second appointment with the bootcamps of X Factor 2021. Last week it was the turn of Manuel Agnelli and Mika to assign the infamous chairs. Tonight is the turn of Hell Raton and Emma. Of the 12 competitors that each of the two is judging, they can only take 5 home visits. Once again the choices were not easy. And, above all, not always shareable. The feeling is that it was more difficult for Emma because the level of those who presented themselves in front of her seemed higher.

In the end, Hell Raton’s team is made up of Versailles, Melli & Gemma, Mira, Edoardo Spinsante, Karakaz.

Emma’s team is made up of Edo, Riva, Vale LP, Le Endrigo and gIANMARIA.

The second night of the X Factor 2021 bootcamps saw Emma and Hell Raton grappling with the infamous game of chairs.  Here's what happened.  Sky photo

The second night of the X Factor 2021 bootcamps saw Emma and Hell Raton grappling with the infamous game of chairs. Here’s what happened. Sky photo

There is no place for heavy metal at X Factor 2021

Manuelito leaves. Who immediately warns his kids that, due to Covid, one of them is not present at the day dedicated to his bootcamp. Versailles breaks the ice with a mash-up of Goosenbumps from Travis Scott Ft. Kendrick Lamar with an interlude of Alice in Chains. Everyone agrees: it works. The first chair is hers. The second is Jathson with Bloody scene, an unpublished half in Italian and half in English. Hell Raton doesn’t seem completely convinced, but the chair is his.

Television commercial is the unpublished of Kalpa. Which makes extensive use of synthesizer and distorted voice. We honestly agree with Mika: “Nothing bad, but nothing beautiful.” Manuelito, however, gives him the chair anyway. THE Distorted visions brought heavy metal to the stage with Harakiri. Can they have space for X Factor 2021? According to the judge, no.

X Factor 2021

Versailles: her look did not go unnoticed. Sky photo

It’s time for the first switch

Marie Antoinette, called Etta, sings My desert, one of his unpublished works. The girl is good, but “reluctantly I have to tell you that you are not what I am looking for.” It is the turn of the duo Melli and Gemma which brings the unprecedented On my grave. Better than auditions, no doubt. And for now a chair is theirs.

It’s up to Federico, L8. That Manuelito liked it so much. This unpublished is called Bad. And it’s not as impactful as it is at auditions. There is still a free chair, which goes to him. Aim sings Runaway. And she is really good. They all agree. This is why the time has come for the first switch. Kalpa gets up: “I’m happy to make the switch with her because she’s very good.” Chapeau.

The surprise performances of Edo and 22:22

They sing moon of the Verdena in a more electronic way. They are the Beckenbauer, that we liked so much the first time. But this time they don’t convince: maybe it’s the wrong piece. Nobody has to get up to make room for them. The music changes when he takes the stage Edo Spinsante and its Other. “You split” is the comment, shared by Manuelito. The switch is a must. L8 leaves his chair to Edo. 22:22 it was that of sounds and not words. This evening everything changes. Sing a cappella, displacing everyone. I need it is the song he wrote 5 days before. The result is… speechless. In the sense that nobody talks when he stops his rap. But Hell Raton doesn’t give him the chair. «X Factor 2021 is not your place. But I’m glad it was your showcase ».

Manuelito’s last switch

The last of the day are the Karakaz with their version of Satisfaction. And of their kind they are really good. The switch is with Jathson. To the surprise of the other judges. Is missing Barki, which is heard at a later time. Sing At the last breath of the Club Dogo. But his performance is not so good as to make some of the others already chosen stand up.

X Factor 2021


Manuelito’s team, made up of Versailles, Melli and Gemma, Mira, Edoardo Spinsante, and Karakaz.

For Emma the beginning is Formidable

Last to choose her team is Emma. For her too, the bootcamps will be in two phases: two competitors will be heard after the official day of the bootcamps due to Covid. The first is Lysa (the one who had dedicated the song to his grandfather). This time he performs with Formidable from Stromae. Very interesting choice, as well as its version. The first chair is hers.

How good is Edo!

It’s up to ai Noite with Coarse salt, one of their unpublished. «An ancient piece», Mika defines it. We liked them a lot. To Emma a little less. But the second serious is for them. With the arrival of Edward you change register on stage. Brings Flaws of the Bastille, a song «about defects. That there are, “explains the blond. The voice is exceptional. As well as the chair.

The “filthy” version of Pop Porno

Pop Porn, hit by The genius, “In a dirtier version”, is the passage from Cassandra. The band has talent to spare and for now they sit down. The colorful exuberance of Michela Amadori is expressed with Drivers license from Olivia Rodrigo. But according to Emma she still hasn’t figured out what her path is. This is why he tells her no. And the tears begin.

X Factor 2021

The colorful exuberance of Michela Amadori.

The first (of many) Emma switches

THE shore lead Bone, one of their unpublished. And while the performance isn’t mind-blowing, the fifth chair is theirs. You will be sings RU Mine but also his performance is not up to the one heard so far. Nobody deserves to stand up for her. He arrives It is LP on stage and sings his song, Pig. For the judges the girl goes all the way. And Emma finds herself making her first switch. It is the frailty shown by Lysa that leads Emma to ask her to leave the chair. In a vale of tears.

Anna René sings I no longer live on Earth from Mace, Rkomi, Venerus. Which does not highlight her talents: it is not right to make any of those already seated for her stand up. The last of the day in the Cinecittà studios are The Endrigo, who sing Razor blades from Rector. A shock. Which leads them to take the Noite chair. Too bad, we would have made another choice.

The last two performances

They are missing Gianmaria Volpato and Beart. Cause Covid. And so – some time later – the final verdict arrives. The first sings an unpublished one of his, Sorry mom. As at the auditions, his performance is incredible. The switch is with the Cassandra. Another difficult choice to fully understand. Riccardo, in art Beart, sings one of his unpublished, We haven’t seen each other for a while. He is good, but getting someone up is hard. Emma tells him no.




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