X Factor 2021, the Live 5 report cards: “Stop this game, I want to get off”

“Stop this game I want to get off,” said Emma Marrone commenting on the zany choices of televoting and a roster that is thinning without a minimum of rationality and balance. A few steps from the end we find ourselves without women in the race and with only one band in the race. Something about “Come as you are” has worked very badly.

Bengal Fire vote: 10

I will be crazy, but I begin to feel something of the Clash in these guys (and not only for the cover they did with Mutonia in a daily passed to legend). And considering that I started thinking that they were the wrong Negramaro, it’s not a bad evolution. They are proof that X Factor serves (still), and how: they entered that they were excellent performers, with a very limited charisma and a certain clumsiness on stage. I will never apologize enough to these guys for thinking they could be great for playing at a wedding (Agnelli, the line was mine, not Mika’s!) And then forget them. Or maybe I shouldn’t do it, because it was true then and indeed with Blur they would have made even the bride’s grandparents dance wildly. Now, also thanks to fate, they are potentially among the best Italian groups of the next decade. As long as the unpublished works are up to My bitter and Mattia Mariuzzo remains such a particular frontman, funny and engaging, spontaneous and rock without ever losing tenderness.

Erio grade: 9

You may like it or not, but he made the Negramaro better than Sangiorgi and his associates. For several weeks I have been wondering how his live could be: its strength is precisely the extemporaneous performance, it crushes your heart and takes your brain precisely because it arrives suddenly and offers you something new, rare, powerful. But that voice, that interpretative modality tested with an entire album, with a concert of even just one hour that reactions would and would provoke (also given the fragility of his vocal cords that we experienced in previous lives? A bit of the Casadilego syndrome But in the end it is their problem. We enjoy them thanking them for the poetry they bring. Moreover, the risk of elimination seems to have unlocked it: today it has been able to be something else and go further.

The Endrigo grade: 8

Their unpublished works bring them back to a more defined identity, an author’s pop with rock nuances, which the covers, out of enthusiasm or calculation, made them lose in search of maximum consent. On their best night – Panic is a single mr – they go out. And I’m sorry because, cynically speaking, they had a uniqueness that Fellow (destined to play for a place in the sun with Baltimore) doesn’t have. On the other hand, Manuelito said it right, perhaps the only one of the season: “This year we don’t really understand televoting.” As if getting everyone to vote in Italy was never a good idea.

Emma, ​​Mika, Manuel Agnelli grade: 7

After mistreating Lucio Dalla last week, yesterday Emma and Mika make themselves love without overdoing it. Mika blushing at Manuel Agnelli’s “how sexy you are” and for telling us about him dancing a song by Dua Lipa in his underwear, in his Athens apartment: he makes us fly and forget that when he doesn’t want to work or wants to play cunning and / or strategy delights us with acrobatic supercazzole. Emma says the word empathy once, she takes the satisfaction of picking on the professors by claiming the emotions she seeks and wants to feel and you are so grateful not to say the word sincerity or the phrase “I am a real person” (she says, to a certain point, “I am a person, I am not a role” that I endured only because I imagined her singing it in the tones of “I am a woman I am not a saint”) that you forgive her even the black swan dress, or vulture . Yes, come on, the one played by Giacomo Poretti a Never say goL. And also the joke “at this table I don’t understand” immediately after the mythical one of the audiobook (Agnelli laughed too!) To Hot Factor: worthy of Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo. A Manuel 7 of esteem and career: yesterday tiring episode, perfect as always, but without flickers. On the other hand, those like him rest on the seventh day. He does it at the fifth live, to make sparks in the last decisive episodes.

GIANMARIA grade: 6

An average between the courage to get out of his comfort zone (8) and the piece (4) which is his first real misstep in this X Factor that has been clear for him so far. He reminded us that he is 19 years old, that he wants, to put it in the words of Troisi, to “go to the middle of the street, go out, touch the females, go stealing” I start again from three). He holds the stage, loses control and does it well (unlike what Mika says), but the piece is mediocre, as rhythmic and above all, and this is really surprising, as writing, unpredictable for someone as good as him with words. . Ah, finally he took off his hospital patient uniform and that red suit scared him. On De Gregori e Rimmel play it safe. He regains the vein of writing and Francesco will not mind that he changed it, so no one was able to sing it, exactly as he likes it, the greatest choir saboteur of (his) concerts after Bob Dylan. The maturity, awareness, absence of fear in re-reading and rethinking the sacred monsters continues to surprise GIANMARIA. The question that arises is only one: is it, will it be above all a reboot author of other people’s songs?

Fellow, Baltimore grade: 5

On that stage, one of the two is too many (and it cannot be excluded that both are). Both beautiful voices, but the first generously preferred to Le Endrigo (even by Manuel Agnelli, a mistake of His Majesty) remains a mystery. He does Coldplay in a more scholastic way than Coldplay themselves, you forget about him almost immediately – every time I see him again at the lives, with a surprised look I think: still here, but really? – and it will be like this until the final, we fear. Baltimore, who of the two is the one to be saved, because he has personality and the desire to risk (even too much), yesterday did not hit one. Also because he wanted to test himself with something other than himself, exaggerating. Baptized by Manuel – “you have set aside enough consent to be able to afford some mistakes” – he would soon return home. Thank you that the judges dreamed of Nika Paris in the ballot from the first episode.

Nika Paris grade: 4

They put “Come as you are” as the motto, then the maximum provocation of this edition is a plural feminine determinative article in front of the surname of a male singer. Ah no, they also eliminated Le Endrigo. Eliminating the only woman seemed impossible, then it was time to save a good one and the judges had a jolt of pride. He has done everything to bring it as far as possible but his empty and boring pop, those outfits that seem to come out of the beauty contests of Little Miss Sunshine, her robotic gaze and obsession with yellow eventually cost her her stay. Yes, she is also good at what she does, but she is the bignami of a pop star. And anyway, if we really had to treat women like pandas (good Emma who was the only one justified in giving an ideological vote and instead eliminated her) couldn’t you leave us that phenomenon of Vale LP?

Manuelito grade: 3

I can’t believe it. Even in the look this year he has no flashes, today he seemed the cross between the Joker and the Jim Carrey of the 90s movies. He seems dull, out of phase, at times even distracted. We remembered him differently, more on the ball, proud and eager to open doors and break through others, interesting even when you didn’t agree with him, especially on production and market dynamics. He always uses the same ten words, is very flat in his judgments, does not engage in any duel with the other judges and indeed often lazily replies their considerations when he does not respond piqued and childish. He no longer finds a place at that table, in the end he does not give or take anything away, you remember that he exists when his vote becomes (alas) decisive in the eliminations.

The rules grade: 2

The double elimination that has become a custom is distorting the talent, which thus risks becoming more and more similar to Friends. The format appears rigid, it also had its strength in giving the right time to the competitors, but the dynamics of the televoting decisive to send the artists to the ballot which then forces the judges to make painful choices has already made unjust victims such as Vale LP and even more. Mutonia and Le Endrigo (who left without saying a word) and we almost played Erio. All to save the Licitra of this edition. We hope that at least whoever finishes second will have the same luck as the Måneskin.

Dalila of Gallipoli grade: 1

Count that even her wedding planner must have hated her so much that he called her Denise in front of the other brides. Of course I’m talking about Four weddings, my crusade for Costantino della Gherardesca as judge at XF 2022 continues. Dalila looks like a cross between Giorgia Meloni at a rally and Giorgia Meloni on a talk show. But she dresses worse (the purple dress in comparison with other brides is the death of good taste). He gives style lessons, not having it, why Four weddings has an unwritten rule: the most forced bride is the one who thinks she is the queen of etiquette. Having said that, I’ll stop here, because when you contradict it, it’s even more aggressive, like Giorgia Meloni in Parliament. Basically Gennaro Savastano, but he smiles more. Yesterday sensational episode: I am applying as the second husband of sweet Kiran, the virgin Amazon (she is the only one who responded in kind to Dalila, risking her life) Anny is an epic character and the nice Diletta made the definitive joke to this quest ‘last, “loved it quiet, there are only ten days to go”. # costaaxfactor2022 PS: little advice, Cdg also thinks about a 10 point penalty for those with less fair play. Or whatever you want, you are my Manuel Agnelli pop.


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