X-Men, all the most anticipated films by fans canceled after the Disney / Fox merger


When the Disney has closed the acquisition of 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight from News Corp some projects in the pipeline have ended up on file. Disney and Marvel Studios inherited the film rights of the X-Men who were being held by Fox, which had made a series of mutant films since 2000.

These films have discontinued with the Disney / Fox merger, so long as Disney now plans to release their own films based on these characters. These assorted projects encompass everything, including titles focusing on comic book fan-favorite mutants who have never had their time in the spotlight on the big screen.

After the release of Logan, it was clear that there would be no more movies starring the Wolverine from Hugh Jackman. But this 2017 film had also introduced X-23 (Dafne Keen), a young girl with the same powers as Wolverine. The project looked like the first to come true once the writer / director of Logan James Mangold signed to write an X-23 spin-off film in October 2017.
Unfortunately, Mangold only signed a month before Disney announced plans to acquire 20th Century Fox. Despite Logan becoming a box office hit and X-23 making a big splash with audiences, he didn’t get his own movie.

When Tim Miller announced that he would not be returning to direct a sequel to his 2016 hit Deadpool many fans were disappointed. However, that didn’t mean the X-Men franchise ended with Miller. In early 2018, it was revealed that Miller was working with comic writer Brian Michael Bendis to the creation of a solo film by Kitty Pryde. This would presumably have been a new incarnation of the character compared to the one seen in previous X-Men films played by Elliot Page.

However, no further production news emerged for the rest of 2018, particularly regarding the kind of story this film would explore.

While Marvel Studios work hard on Deadpool 3 with Ryan Reynolds, there was a time when 20th Century Fox hired writers to work on a potential plot Deadpool 2 sequel. Initially slated for debut after the release of X-Force in cinemas, Deadpool 3 eventually fell by the wayside once the Disney / Fox merger has taken place.


Some films of X-Men that were canceled thanks to the Disney / Fox merger had only been in development a few years before that merger occurred: Gambit was an exception Initially designed to be a robbery film, it was later revealed that it had morphed into a romantic comedy. Several actresses were also considered for the female lead of the project, in particular Lea Seydoux and Lizzy Caplan. Charlie Tatum’s commitment to Gambit remained so strong that reports surfaced of him looking at the possibility of directing him on his own in January 2019. Two months later, however, the Disney / Fox merger has closed and effectively closed the door to this long-term project.

Once there was enough confidence in the project New Mutants to chart elaborate plans for a couple of sequels. Each film would explore new horror genres, with the first based on a science fiction horror film template, while the sequel would be made in the mold of an apocalyptic horror film.
However, the Disney / Fox merger threw the entire release plan for the first New Mutants movie into chaos. Therefore, it is not surprising that the proposed sequels were also negatively affected.

The Deadpool’s resounding success inspired 20th Century Fox to fully commit to a project that had been on the sidelines of the studio for years; X-Force. Expected as next appearance for Deadpool after Deadpool 2, at one point, the project was moving fast enough to start filming in October 2018. If this original plan had gone ahead, X-Force would kick off principal photography a few months before the Disney / Fox deal was completed.

We leave you with our review of Deadpool 2 waiting to find out if sooner or later, somehow, some of these projects will see the light.


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