Xavier Miley: “Don’t rule out that they will throw us dead in the street” | The president gives a speech at the Hilton Hotel

In the midst of the chaotic day being experienced inside and outside the National Congress due to the treatment of the Bases Law in the Senate, Javier Miley spoke this Wednesday afternoon at the forum “The Rebirth of Freedom in Argentina and the World.” Organized by foundation Freedom and Progress And this think tank United States of america Cato Institute At the Hilton Hotel in Buenos Aires, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Puerto Madero.

The President began his speech by reviewing the “feats” made by the national government in economic matters. “Sometimes you listen to analysts or politicians who live in Narnia”The president reiterated that together with his team they are “defeating inflation” and stressed that the country “needs deep changes.”

“They know if we make these reforms it will work and they won’t come back.”he pointed out.

Along these lines, he assured that his management suffers every day from “a stiffness in the wheel” and attacked social justice, a hit of the Mileista narrative: “Social justice has tied the hands of the people, and we will never end that time. It will be fine, ”said Miley, referring to the last 100 years of Argentine history.

Furthermore, he delves deeper into the alleged obstacles his government is facing from the opposition: “We have to tell them to their face. They expected us to release everything ignoring the stock dynamics and to explode everything, they will throw people in the streets. Let’s say, don’t deny their modus operandi of throwing dead people on the road, looting, which some journalists publicize from their places.” the President said.

At another point in his speech, Miley pointed to the violence taking place around Congress and praised the actions of the security minister. Patricia Bullrich,

“Economic freedom brings prosperity to all. Today as a society we face a division: either we continue on the path of decadence or we dare to embark on the path of freedom. That fight is happening on the street as well., Fortunately we have a great security minister and she is putting the roads in order as we promised during the campaign.” the President said.

Elon Musk asks Miley for support

Before the speech of Javier Miley, businessman and CEO of Tesla and Space, at the forum “The rebirth of freedom in Argentina and the world” Elon MuskConfirmed his support for the policies of the Argentine president: “I ask people in Argentina to support Miley, because I think it will do a very good job,” the owner of the social network claimed virtually, where he also analyzed the present and future of applications of Artificial Intelligence and new technological developments.

“My prediction is that the actions he wants to take in the country will lead to a massive boost in the economy,” the South African tycoon said.

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