Xbox: for Spencer, launching four first parties a year is no longer an aspiration, but a fact

During an interview with, Phil Spencer spoke again about the purpose of Microsoft throw at least four games first party Of Xbox year. The person in charge of the gaming division of the Redmond house was very clear about it: it is no longer a simple aspiration, but a fact, that is, something that has already been achieved and that must be managed.

spencer says

The interviewer started from what matte booty, the head of Xbox Games Studios had declared in the past, speaking precisely of the desire to be able to launch four first-party games a year. The journalist then asked Spencer how the plan was going, more precisely if Spencer and his people had taken the right path, receiving a very decisive answer.

Spencer: “Even better this year. If we start with Hi-Fi Rush, Minecraft Legends, Redfall. Maybe someone doesn’t want to give us credit for Redfall, I get it. Starfield, come on, we just released Age of Empires 4 on console last night. Great. Got to play with him. Looking at next year as well, absolutely. We talked about it as an aspiration, now we talk about it as a plan.”

In short, even in the 2024 We will see the famous four Xbox first party games arrive. Given what was recently announced, we have no doubt that the same will happen in 2025.

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