Xbox Game Pass Core launches today –

In July, we reported that Microsoft had finally decided to do the right thing and end the Xbox Live Gold subscription after years of disappointing Games with Gold (the monthly titles included in the service). Instead, we get Xbox Game Pass Core, which seems like a much better deal.

While the main attraction remains online play, subscribers also get a selection of 36 titles to choose from, many of which are really good AAA and indie games. The list will be updated with new additions several times a year, and here’s what you can choose from if you start subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Core, launching today:

• Among us
• Astronautical
• Heavenly
• Dead cells
• Decendents
• Dishonored 2
• Doom Eternal (Standard Edition)
• Anniversary of the fable
• Failure 4
• Failure 76
• Fire surveillance
• Forza Horizon 4 (standard edition)
• Gang Beasts
• Gears 5 (Game of the Year Edition)
• Golf with your friends
• Grounded
• Halo 5: Guardians
• Halo Wars 2
• Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
• Flat human fall
• Inside
• Limbo
• Ori and the will of the Wisps
• Annealing 2
• Payday 2 (Crimewave Edition)
• Pressure washing simulator
• Psychonauts 2
• Kills the needle
• Spiritfarer (Farewell Edition)
• Stardew Valley
• State of Decay 2 (Juggernaut Edition)
• Superliminal
• The Elder Scrolls online
• Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge
• Unpacking
• Vampire survivors

There are other benefits with an Xbox Game Pass Core subscription, too, including discounts on video games, which you can read more about on Xbox Wire. Microsoft also says there may be variations in the list in some countries.

Xbox Game Pass Core launches today

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