Xbox Series X will release a bundle with one of the most successful games of 2021

Xbox will start the year with a new Series X bundle that will include one of the most popular games of 2021 and of the brand in general. Through a statement, the company revealed the Xbox Series X – force horizon 5 Bundle, which will offer players the full experience of the racing title.

If you plan to buy a console soon, you should know that this bundle will include an Xbox Series X, a wireless controller, a code for the Premium Edition of the game, access to the Hot Wheels expansion and additional content that will arrive in the future.

By receiving the best edition of the title you will also have access to the VIP Pass with 3 exclusive cars, double rewards, weekly bonuses and various customization items. Likewise, you will be able to enjoy the Car Pass with 42 new vehicles, the welcome package with 5 tuned cars, a player’s house, as well as coupons that you can exchange for cars or clothing. Below you can see the package.

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When will the Xbox Series X bundle debut and how much will it cost? force horizon 5?

According to the details, the bundle will arrive this week in markets such as the United States, Canada and various Asian countries. Players in the rest of the world will have to wait a little longer, as its launch in Latin America, Europe and more regions will take place until the end of January.

This bundle will be sold at a suggested price of $559 USD, which may vary by country. It is important to emphasize that Microsoft did not reveal the exact dates for the arrival of this package in our region.

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In this link you can find all the news related to force horizon 5.

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