Xi says China will “definitely reunify” in New Year speech

Beijing, China.

“China will definitely be reunified,” the president declared this Sunday. Xi Jinping during his speech New YearState media reported.

“All Sugar from both sides of the strait taiwan They should be united by a common goal and share the glory of its rejuvenation Chinese nationXi said, according to a review of the speech broadcast by official channel CCTV.

During a meeting with the US President in mid-November, Joe Biden, Xi Jinping The reunification of has already been considered “inevitable” Taiwan.

China think over taiwan As a province that has not yet managed to unify the rest of its territory since the end of civil war, In 1949.

Beijing, which has not given up conquering the island by force, exerting strong military and economic pressure on it taiwan Since 2016, when he came to power Tsai Ing-WenAccording to the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP), BeijingEmphasizes protection of freedom.

For taipei, pakin Military pressure has increased around the island in recent months presidential election since January.

On the other hand, at the economic level, Xi acknowledged that the Chinese economy is “more flexible and more dynamic“What was it?

Burdened with very expensive management of the crisis COVID-19, second world economy It barely managed to make a comeback in 2023.

Still, keep goingXi Jinping, managed to dominate the economy of the Asian giant Storm In the year that is about to end.

Kim Jong Un threatened nuclear attack and ordered his military to prepare for “war”

However, record-breaking youth unemployment, lack of consumer confidence and a persistent debt In the key real estate sector, they also weakened growth.

The decline in manufacturing activity continued in December, according to official data released on Sunday.

And, despite some encouraging signsSuch as 4.9% GDP growth in the third quarter (better than expected), Beijing may find it difficult to achieve its annual growth target of around 5%, the most modest in years.

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