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It is no secret to anyone that Yailin The Most Viral He is one of the most controversial figures in the urban genre, dividing users on social networks since he announced his relationship with anuel aathe Puerto Rican ragpicker who months ago had separated from Karol G.

The relationship between the Dominican and the self-styled “Trap God” has always been at the center of controversy, not only because of hints with “the bichota”, but also because the interpreter of “Real hasta la muerte” was related to figures such as influencers Roxana Somoza and Alexandra MVP.

Despite this, the United States celebrities They surprised more than one by confirming on June 10 that they had married in a surprise ceremony that they shared on social networks and that it would not last many years, since after six months they would confirm their separation.

Anuel AA and Yailin La Más Viral during their relationship (Photo: Anuel AA / Instagram)


As husbands, the urban artists shared several moments, including some that almost ended in tragedy, for which reason in November, the interpreter of “Chivirika” announced that she was pregnant, being the third child of Emanuel Gazmey Santiagocomposer’s real name.

And it is that for those months he was also born Gianellathe daughter that the singer accepted and was the result of his relationship with Melissa Vallecillajoining the small Pablo Anuel.

From that moment, the couple boasted of all the things that their daughter already had, such as gifts and her first tennis shoes, in addition to announcing that the little girl would be called “Cattleya”, this in honor of the film starring Zoe Saldana.

Yailin La Más Viral gave birth to her first child with Anuel AA (Photo: Yailinlamasviralreal / Instagram)


It was Anuel AA himself who was in charge of confirming the birth of his third child, this after several rumors took over social networks, in which it was made sure that the little girl had already been born.

At any given time I used half the Dominican Republic and half Puerto Rico. I am Puerto Rican and I have a Dominican daughter who was just born”the singer shared.

After the trapper confirmed the good news, Yailin La Más Viral shared photos of the emotional moment, publications in which Anuel AA was also included in the snapshots.

However, one detail caught the attention of the singer’s followers on social networks, as she had arrived at her delivery with makeup and hairstyle, something that some obstetricians do not recommend.

Faced with criticism, the 20-year-old urban artist responded to a critic in a story and assured that “First dead than simple”. In the image you can see the little girl next to her mother at her birth. “Yes, people, I did a makeup no makeup for childbirth, never destroyed my love”, he added.

It should be noted that a “no makeup” is a technique in which a stylist seeks that his clients do not appear to be wearing makeup, seeking to give them more naturalness and less production, covering imperfections and adding subtle tones.

Yailin La Más Viral responded to criticism for her look during her delivery (Photo: Yailinlamasviralreal / Instagram)


Through her Instagram account, the singer’s makeup artist, known as Mich Makeup, defended the brand new mom and even announced her new service for pregnant women.

New make-up service enabled… Of course!”, he indicated.

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