Yair ‘Pantera’ Rodríguez, a UFC fighter, unleashes rumors of a possible romance with Belinda

The break between Belinda and the singer and composer Christian Nodal continues to give something to talk about, after the possible reasons that led to the separation continue to arise, and on this occasion Yair Rodríguez, Mexican UFC fighter, shared a photo with the interpreter of “Sapito”, a situation that ended up raising the controversy and with this the rumors of a possible new romance of the artist born in Spain.

In the publication you can see the protagonist of “Welcome to Eden” hugging the mixed martial arts fighter, which caused a stir, since sparked rumors among fans of “Nodeli”, that is, a possible romance between the athlete and the singer.

Because of the messages the UFC fighter decided to delete the comments and clarify the reason for the photo that was titled with an emoji of a man raising his hand and the hashtag TBT, which gave a clue as to the origin of the imagebut that went unnoticed by many of Nodal and Belinda’s fans.

He regret?

The postcard with the one born in Spain was shared two days ago, but due to the comments that came out around the publication, the fighter not only blocked the comments, but also decided to make a justification, since the photo was not recent and It had nothing to do with the rupture of the commitment between Beli and the exponent of regional music.

“The photo that I uploaded with Belinda is from 2013 when I had the pleasure of meeting her in one of my fights in Mexico. My intention was never to generate speculation, but to remember the moment. I respect and admire Belinda and I wish her the best today and always.” It can be read in the publication made 14 hours ago where he asks people not to get intense.

With this message, fans of Belinda, Nodal and Rodríguez himself could be sure that the fighter apparently had nothing to do with the separation. In other words, he did it so that no more speculations were created where his name was put, in addition to ending those that had already started on social networks, in addition to deactivating the comments on the publication, since there were some messages from fans who were risqué against him and the singer of Iberian origin, Belinda.

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