Yalitza Aparicio becomes Victoria’s Secret ‘angel’

our most powerful Yalitza Aparicio has won a new international medal, in addition to being the official ambassador of Home cartier and of dior Today he gave another surprise because now he is a part of Angels Of Victoria’s Secret,

As soon as you read this: Mexican actress and model joined the team Angels of the American lingerie and beauty products brand and added its own stamp to the presentation video of this collaboration.

“I would like the new generations to accept themselves as they are Let’s realize that diversity is also beautiful“, They say Yalitza Aparicio In her presentation video with Victoria’s Secret.

The Mexican now models in the same campaign as Paloma Elsesser, Adriana Lima, Naomi Campbell, Hailey Bieber, Gisele Bündchen and Emily Ratajkowski.

Which other international brands does Yalitza Aparicio work with as a model?

for a long time now Yalitza Aparicio He made the jump to the big leagues. Actress named in October 2021 Ambassador of the luxury brand Cartier And started this collaboration with “Sangraha”.Conflict,

recently She was one of the guests at the Venice festivalin Italy, and for the Cartier party and was seen wearing a fuchsia strapless dress with a princess silhouette. dior house Because… yes, you guessed it, it’s also one of the Mexican ambassador of the French fashion house,

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