Yalitza Aparicio teaches us how to wear skinny jeans in summer

Yalitza Aparicio surprises us again with her looks and this time the actress modeled a vintage trend that we need to use with our casual outfits, so get inspired by her outfit with skinny jeans to wear during this very hot season.

When we thought that elephant-leg pants would dominate street style, the ‘Roma’ actress reminds us that skinny jeans will remain in trend, so we suggest you try her proposal if you want to wear a relaxed outfit.

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How does Yalitza Aparicio wear skinny jeans?

Through her social networks, the celeb shared a photograph in which she combined tight-leg jeans with a green top, as well as a mini bag in fluorescent tones. A super comfortable look ideal for a casual date or an afternoon with friends.

How does Yalitza Aparicio wear skinny jeans? Photo: Facebook/ Yalitza Aparicio

How are skinny jeans?

Also known as ‘cigarettes’, they are pants that are very tight at the hips, legs and ankles, they became popular in the early 2000s and until a few years ago they dominated street style, until the ‘mom’ cut replaced them for its comfort. We suggest using them with loose t-shirts, although with a crop top they will better define your silhouette.

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