Yankees sign Dominican pitcher Danny Salazar

According to journalist Mike Rodríguez, from Univisión, the yankees have reached an agreement minor league contract with the Dominican pitcher Danny Salazarwho has not been active in MLB since 2019.

Salazar, 32, was signed as an international free agent by Cleveland in 2006. He played five consecutive seasons with the then-Cleveland Indians between 2013 and 2017. He returned to the mound in the majors in 2019 and has not since. He has done it again at the Major League level.

In 2018, Salazar was diagnosed with rotator cuff inflammation in his right shoulder just as spring training was about to start. He finally underwent exploratory surgery in June, which prevented him from taking the mound for the entire year.

The native right-hander from Santo Domingo, Dominican capital, was selected to the All-Star Game during the 2016 campaign, his best year as a major league pitcher.

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