Yelena Belova will lead the Thunderbolts movie

The last Comic-Con in San Diego left us with many more announcements from Marvel than we all expected. Phase 5 was revealed almost in its entirety, anticipating that a large number of stories and characters will arrive and others will return. One of these characters will be Yelena Belova, played by Florence Pugh, who would be preparing to be the main face of the Thunderbolts group.

Florence Pugh made her debut at Marvel Studios in Black Widow in 2021. Presented as the sister of Natasha Romanoff, Yelena left very good feelings and a memorable performance, receiving very good reviews for her participation in the film. It was the post-credits scene of Black Widow that told us exactly that it would not be the last time that Yelena would be on screen.

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At the end of Black Widow, we saw Yelena get accosted by Valentina de Fontaine, played by Julia Louis Dreyfus. In the scene we see Valentina trying to turn Yelena against whom she makes her believe, she is guilty of the death of her sister. This is how, some time later, Florence Pugh stole the spotlight again in Hawkeye. Again, with a great performance, the chemistry she had with Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop was highlighted.

Kate Bishop Yelena Belova

From there, although his return has always seemed obvious, it was still not certain when it could happen, until now. On The Town podcast, one of Deadline’s contributors has revealed that Yelena is slated to lead Thunderbolts. Justin Kroll revealed that the Thunderbolts will be like “Marvel’s Suicide Squad” and that Yelena will lead this team also made up of John Walker and Zemo.

As if this were not enough, Kroll indicates that Thunderbolts will practically be a spin-off focused on Yelena, since she will be the main star of the film:

“Florence Pugh plays the Marvel superhero who already has a spin-off. What’s coming up for her, actually, is the Thunderbolts movie, which is basically a Marvel Suicide Squad. I hope it brings better results. But the concept is that she will lead the team of Wyatt Russell’s John Walker and Daniel Bruhl’s Zemo, those antiheroes who are not exactly good, and not exactly bad. So there you go. And people seem to like the character of Yelena.”


Without a doubt, Yelena has earned the affection of the fans and Florence Pugh has given a spectacular performance in the projects in which she has already worked. She has all the skills to lead a film and a team of this caliber, although at first she may seem surprising. But in the comics there is already a history of Yelena leading a group of reformed villains, so that would be the basis of what we will see of Yelena in the year 2024, the date set for the premiere of Thunderbolts.

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