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The European transfer market left great news for Colombian players. Gustavo Puerta at Bayer Leverkusen, but before that he will make a stop at Nuremberg in the second division of Germany on loan, Daniel Luna who signed with Real Mallorca, or the case of Jhon Jáder Durán who arrived at Aston Villa, in addition to Andrés Colorado in the Partizan of Serbia. However, around the end of the January window, one was confirmed leaving England for an American league.

After Wolverhampton Wanderers’ decision not to have Yerson Mosquera for the remainder of the season since they want to send him on loan to a team where he gains more regularity and chances of returning to England with minutes to enter the competition, they were looking for a one-year loan .

Yerson Mosquera has not been taken into account as a starter in the different Wolverhampton matches and with this scenario, he also wanted to leave the English club to be able to count on that regularity and with the desired minutes in order to reach the Premier League stronger, since it will continue to be the property of the ‘Wolves’.

The club had already given Yerson Mosquera the endorsement of negotiating with any club as a loan for the year. The former Atlético Nacional defender who jumped to the Premier League early on, made official his departure from Wolverhampton as stipulated by the club’s president.

According to Liam Keen, an English journalist who works closely with Wolverhampton, “the January window ended with a very quiet day. An outstanding window for the club with great months ahead. Yerson Mosquera will go on loan to Cincinatti FC now It’s done, waiting for it to become official”.

In addition to what Liam Keen said, the Colombian journalist Pipe Sierra also added, “Yerson Mosquera (21) has just agreed on the personal terms for his arrival at FC Cincinatti. The Colombian central defender is going on loan from Wolves as Liam Keen announced. In principle it will be until December 2023, with a possible play-off in June.” The United States will be the new destination where he hopes to gain minutes to arrive with the expected regularity and convince in England. The face remains that they will still expect him in Wolverhampton.

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