Yorgos Lanthimos praises Emma Stone for not being shy about filming “wild” intimate scenes

Bad Things: Yorgos Lanthimos praises Emma Stone for not feeling shy about filming wild intimate scenes

Bad Things: Yorgos Lanthimos praises Emma Stone for not feeling shy about filming wild intimate scenes

From the premiere of Canino (92%), it was clear that Yorgos Lanthimos was destined to become one of the most respected directors of recent years. His unique vision and his way of addressing strong issues with a funny and dark comedy gives his films a special momentum among the masses. Emma Stone is now a great ally of the creator and with Poor Things (100%) the two explore uncharted narrative territory. Despite the risk and uncertainty, the director praises her heroine for being brave while filming the most awkward and wild intimate scenes, which are really important to the plot.

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Alliance between Yorgos Lanthimos and Emma Stone

After directing several music videos, Lanthimos tried to take a final step into cinema with the film hey calliteros my philos, a comedy about a man who discovers an affair between his wife and her best friend. Although the creator’s voice was already strong here, it took a few years for him to take the right path and feel more comfortable behind the lens. finally got it canine in 2009 and Alps: The Impersonators (76%) in 2011. It didn’t take long after that for Lanthimos’ work and talent to make a splash in Hollywood.

Soon many big-name actors wanted to work with him because what he did was really different. The Lobster (90%) was a great work that presented his style in a slightly more commercial way, with only Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz in the cast, with whom he worked again in The Sacrifice of the Sacred Deer (75%). Worked from ) and La Favorita (100%), respectively. this is where they met Emma StoneWho was looking for new challenges to change his career for a long time.

Official Poor Things poster (Source: IMDb)

Official Poor Things poster (Source: IMDb)

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Like many actresses, Stone began her career in teen films, light comedies, and even a superhero franchise, and while those films helped make her name famous and make it commercially , she always wanted respect as an artist, for which she did not hesitate to take some. Risks like Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (91%) and La La Land: A Love Story (92%), with which she won the Oscar for Best Actress. by working together Rachel Weisz and includes Olivia Colman FavoriteStone was able to prove that she was up to the task and ready to enter a new phase safely.

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Poor Things is the biggest challenge in Emma Stone’s career

this type of adaptation poor thingsBased on the book by Alasdair Gray, it has become one of the most anticipated films of the year and could bring Stone back into the Oscar race. The tape tells the story of Bella Baxter, who is resurrected as the Frankenstein monster with a naive and childish mind. Instead of being devoted to her Creator, the young woman wants to explore reality by all means, and is ready to escape and enjoy everything in the world. Of course, in this we also enter the topic of sex, as the protagonist will learn about pleasure and personal satisfaction.

The challenge was great yorgos lanthimos I knew that not everyone can reach the goal, but Emma Stone She made it clear from the beginning that she was willing to go as far as possible, both narratively and visually, to fulfill her vision, and given the surreal tone of the film it’s logical to expect scenes that are truly insane. Be worthy and be condemnable for some. the audience. At the film’s press conference (via) Diversity), the director took the opportunity to praise the actress for not feeling shy in playing the role:

It’s a shame that Emma can’t be here to talk more about this, because it would all fall on me. First, sex is an intrinsic part of the novel, its independence over everything else, including sexuality.

Secondly, it was very important to me not to make a film that was prudish, as that would be a complete betrayal of the main character. We had to make sure that Emma wasn’t ashamed of her body, her nudity or participating in those scenes, and she understood that right away.

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The director says the process was easy as the two had worked together before and each knew the other’s way of working:

The best thing about Emma and me is that we have made four films together; There is a shorthand and we can communicate without having to explain things or talk about them too much. As soon as I started saying something about sex, she would say, ‘Yes, okay, it’s Bela.’ We will do whatever we have to do.

Like many other films, Poor Things (100%) had to change its release date due to the actors and writers strike in Hollywood, so now it will be released in theaters till December 8 and it was decided to keep it within the film festival . 2023.

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