“You are the gonorrhea of ​​man.”

Controversy continues, presenter Veronica Saltos refuses to let go of her fighting gloves ‘Hot’ He did not take long to react to the recent announcements of Alejandra Jaramillo’s new boyfriend, Jonathan Betancourt, who in recent days published several Instagram stories where he complained about the criticism, and launched it as a clear signal to the commentator. Did.

“I’m going to tell you one thing, it doesn’t matter to me if they talk bad about me, generally, dogs bark when they don’t know people,” These were the words of the Colombian, who finished the sentence with laughter.

To these words, Veronica Saltos replied; “You’re a gonorrhea of ​​a man. You know what?” I was expecting a woman to respond to me, look, my dear beta, what did you do when you responded to a woman, that’s what some men like you do, so let me tell you, I’m not confused about this Wonder what I’m doing, I never get confused. I’m confused, but if you are fed up with social networks, what are you responding to on Calientitos? Because I realized that you don’t work, start producing”, The presenter started crying bitterly.

It should be noted that since candy And Beta After they officially announced their courtship, Veronica Saltos has not stopped giving her opinion about the influential man, whom she described as a “Vividor” and “Hummingbird”.

“We must remember that the man in question is no little angel. The gentleman has been through all the ‘real’ events he has gone through, hesitating from those who have crossed him, from those who have crossed him. Let’s hope Carmelo won’t be cast as one of those who passed him by. Let’s wait,” he said.

In his most recent statements, the presenter assured in relation to Alejandra that: “Time proved me right, it’s true, Candy has gone astray, we all have the right to rebuild our lives, but you can’t change because a man tells you to change, I’m saying this because Because at that time you were with Efrain Ruels, “There, if you were a sacred dove, now you are with a beta player.”

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