You can now play your Steam games on Tesla

Why can play Grand Theft Auto V from the bathroom using a Steam Deck was not enough, now you will be able to play your favorite Steam titles from the comfort of a car seat, specifically a Tesla, the luxury vehicles developed by Elon Musk’s company, and that is that last Christmas Tesla launched an update that allows its Model S and Model X electric cars to play video games just like a powerful Xbox Series S or a PS5.

The integration of a video game system in Tesla computers is nothing new, since in recent years different applications have been added that allow an entertaining trip to its users, however, This “Christmas update” has taken everyone by surprisebecause although from the mouth of the very Elon Musk Its launch was announced for August 2022 (which, obviously, we did not see at the time), the incorporation of powerful hardware like this in Tesla vehicles has been quite a feat.

These computers have an AMD Navi 23 GPU and up to 10 teraflops of processing power, which, added to the compatibility of a wireless controller, allows you to stream and play all kinds of Steam titles from the Tesla Arcade. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that this service connects to the two touch screens of the Model S and Model X, so even if the visual section does not stand out, the experience for gamers will be more than efficient inside a Tesla.

The future is today, man, and if today we can play from the comfort of our beds or sitting on the toilet, why couldn’t we also do it while crossing those endless highways? Now, what remains to be seen is how well this new update from Tesla will be received by users.

And you, are you ready to play? Elden Ring either God of War: Ragnarok from a Tesla?


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