“You get out of the car and you have to run for your life”: the most dangerous hospitals in Lima, according to a former medical resident in Peru

A doctor spoke about the dangerous hospitals in Lima. Video: TikTok

TikTok It has become a great network of communications and references par excellence, every day there are thousands of people in the world sharing tips, advice, recommendations and more. Peru cannot be the exception and on this occasion, a doctor who introduces herself with the user ‘Anapaocs’ has become a sensation for mentioning in a series of videos which hospitals are the most “dangerous of Lima”.

There are four clips in which the doctor shares from her personal experience because she mentions these hospitals, clarifying that it is not that these health spaces are “dangerous” due to their bad doctors or poor care, but rather because of the area where are located.

In the first video that the doctor mentions that she knows “why, all the state hospitals are in places where they can key you” and begins the count with the least dangerous hospitals in the capital.

“The number one and least dangerous hospital I have ever been to is the Casimiro Ulloa which is in the Republic of Panama, one block from Benavides. The truth is that I have not rotated much in this hospital, I cannot recommend it if it is good or bad, but I suppose that if they tell you ‘Almost dead‘ It’s because you can do absolutely everything and they let you handle a lot of things as an intern or as a resident in your first year. But at least you have Wong de Benavides in the corner and the chances of being killed are very low, ”he explained.

“The second least dangerous hospital where a lot of people do their internships and well, I also rotated there in physical medicine is the hospital in La FAP which is in Aramburu. Yes, it’s not dangerous either, they have a place to eat, they won’t kill you either, I mean, it could be, but not as easily as in other places. It seems to me that it is a clean hospital, they have a clean dining room, so fresh, ”she mentioned.

“The third hospital is the hospital Rebagliati from EsSalud that remains in Jesus Maria. The place isn’t that pretty, but since there are a lot of people, in fact, cool, there are a lot of buses, there are plenty of taxis, I wouldn’t get a taxi there anyway, I’d rather take a bus. But yes, I recommend it, I highly recommend it, ”she specified.

In the second part of the video, the doctor talks about the hospitals that are more in the center of Lima, as is the case of the hospital Loayza, Grau, Dos de Mayo, among others.

“Now yes, we are really going to the very center of the dangerous in hospitals. The first, infinitely known, the Hospital May 2, which is a little beyond the Almenara. There is a gap between the distance between the Almenara hospital and 2 de Mayo that goes from possible death to probable death. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s still dangerous, you have to be careful. If they come by train, that is very good because they can get off the hospital right there and run for their lives until they reach the hospital. The hospital smells like tuberculosis, but they teach you fucking…, they teach you very well. I learned a lot there. The hospital is falling apart, but it’s all good, ”he said.

“The Loayza hospital known because most of the students there are from Cayetano. Also, super good, I highly recommend it. In fact, there is Chinito, you can eat his bread with pork rinds. The place is also deadly. One of my first guards I was in the middle of an emergency shooting. Super exciting, isn’t it? Clearly, now I’m telling it because I got out of the situation alive and here as an anecdote, but I don’t know if that’s the case, but yes, the place is dangerous. The good thing is that the Metropolitano station is only two blocks away, you run for your life. But I also learned a lot. In front is the San Bartolomé hospital, which is the hospital for pregnant women. I never rotated there, but they have told me that it is very good, they massacre you, they exploit you, but it is there. The Children’s Hospital is also there. Beautiful hospital, it really is the old one, not the new one in San Borja. It’s still falling apart, isn’t it? But you learn a lot. The place is Avenida Brasil, ”he explained.

A doctor spoke about the most dangerous hospitals in Lima. Video: TikTok

Within this ranking, the doctor that is Ana Paola Cruz-Saco, who is currently in Germany, could not leave aside the Constitutional Province of Callao, where she mentioned the hospital carrion.

“The Carrión Hospital is in Callao, in the dangerous and beautiful district of Callao, where the only thing that really helps is that you control the speed. There you will find everything, in fact it is the hospital with the most adrenaline in Peru. There, there is something for all tastes, models, sizes and colors, you can find everything there. Do you want hitmen? there you go Do you want shot? There they will have them. You will find everything, especially if you have the soul of a surgeon, that is your hospital. But hey, the chances of dying are also high, the chances of being robbed are very high. As I tell you, we have VIP entrance to the kingdom of heaven.

A doctor went viral for talking about the most dangerous hospitals in Lima. Video: TikTok

Before concluding, the doctor also spoke about the María Auxiliadora hospitals in San Juan de Miraflores and others.

A doctor went viral on TikTok after talking about hospitals in Lima. Video: TikTok

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