“You had an inferiority complex with Shakira”

According to alleged posts on Instagram, Jordi Martin he would have commented on Gerard Piqué and the apparent ‘touch-ups’ that the ex-soccer player paid for Clara Chía Martí.

Did you pay for cosmetic surgery?

What Jordi Martin would have mentioned, about what Gerard Piqué supposedly did. | Font: Diffusion

With a recent publication on Gerard Piqué, apparently the journalist Jordi Martin has revealed that the ex-soccer player would pay for aesthetic ‘touch-ups’ for his current partner. In accordance with these supposed speculations, it was mentioned that Clara Chía Martí would have had an operation.

Shakira's son would have encouraged her to shoot against Gerard Piqué

What happened with Gerard Piqué and Jordi Martin?

Apparently Jordi Martin could go through a serious problem with Gerard Piqué, for some supposed stories that he shared on his Instagram account. According to what the journalist would have highlighted, the ex-soccer player would have paid ‘touch-ups’ to Clara Chía Martí.

It should be noted that Jordi Martin, over the months has revealed different details about Gerard Piqué and Shakira since their breakup. For this reason, he also commented when the former soccer player began his romance with Clara Chía Martí.

A couple of days ago, apparently Jordi Martin he would have shared some particular publications for Gerard Piqué, which generated various reactions on Instagram. According to the journalist, the former soccer player would have paid for an operation on Clara Chía Martí:

“Many people support you, but I still think what I predicted 12 years ago. That this relationship was too big for you. That you had an inferiority complex with Shakira. You felt small next to her. You needed a 23-year-old girl to laugh at you. You’re an immature.”

What else would you have mentioned about Gerard Piqué?

Through the same story on Instagram, Jordi Martin He would also have specified the following about Gerard Piqué:

“Shakira does not need anyone to pay for her aesthetic touch-ups. I think that for Clara a few days ago you paid for her lips. Or is it not? You had to hire Clara in your company by hand and give her a position that not even her Kosmos colleagues understand her. You had to turn to Shakira to grow as a businessman since you got Rakuten because Shakira is a friend of the CEO and now your contract is terminated for not paying the tennis players and for the low expectations generated in the Davis Cup. You have been, are and will always be mediocre.”

Secondly, Jordi Martin showed the profile of another young woman, who would supposedly be related to Gerard Piqué: “Do you know her, Gerard? So don’t be surprised that Shakira throws the whole world on top of you.”

What would have been shared in Jordi Martin's account.

What would have been shared in Jordi Martin’s account. | Font: instagram

What would have been shared in Jordi Martin's account.

What would have been shared in Jordi Martin’s account. | Font: instagram

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