“You have a gift”, Micaela Ramazzotti on the set of “Naufragi”


Micaela Ramazzotti shared a photo taken from a scene in the film that sees her as the protagonist of the recent release “Naufragi” by Stefano Chiantini

Micaela Ramazzotti uncombed hair eyes that bewitch photos
Micaela Ramazzotti (Instagram)

The actress Micaela Ramazzotti never ceases to amaze his audience with photos of unprecedented beauty like the last published a few hours ago on Instagram in which he appears in a scene from the film “Shipwrecks”By the director Stefano Chiantini. The beautiful 42-year-old Roman, who plays the protagonist Maria in the recently released film, she is sitting on a low wall near the winter sea of Livorno where the work is set, dressed in fur and boots.

Her unkempt hair, her lips barely parted and her gaze lost in the void give her an air of disheveled but very sensual at the same time.

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Micaela Ramazzotti, the photo of the scene from the film “Shipwrecks”

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The actress then plays the role of Maria, a woman whose life is turned upside down after the sudden death of her husband even if she was certainly not doing well before his loss. Bills to pay and debts already plagued his family then with the disappearance of Antonio everything becomes more complicated. Then another character will enter the story who will change the scenario to the lives of the protagonists and of the woman played by Ramazzotti.

For Micaela Ramazzotti this is not the last film she played even if it was released in 2020. We will also see her in the new film by Michele Placido “The shadow of Caravaggio”.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic that blocked the entire entertainment sector, last year was prolific for the actress. He has in fact played roles in two other works, “Cursed spring” from Elisa Amoruso And “The best years” from Gabriele Muccino.

micaela ramazzotti
Micaela Ramazzotti (Instagram)

In this last work he had a primary role playing the role of Gem, one of the four historical friends whose story is told from the 1980s to the present day. The other interpreters are Pierfrancesco Favino, Kim Rossi Stuart And Claudio Santamaria. But it was with “The first beautiful Thing” from Paolo Virzì which he won in 2010 the David by Donatello.


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