“You have to compensate me.”

‘Owner’, last song of Shakira, is equally or more controversial than the others. The most commented phrase of this latest single is the one in which he refers to Gerard Piqué’s father: “They say that there is no evil that lives more than a hundred years, but My former father-in-law is still there, he has not set foot in the grave.,

Shakira, in the video clip of ‘El Jefe’

But if the criticism of ‘The Boss’ wasn’t enough trouble for the singer, now a new front is opening up for her. video clip of song, This time the lyrics are not questioned but the focus is on the dance that can be made ‘original’ Winner of ‘Big Brother VIP 6’.

Maryam Saavedra He went to the ‘Fiesta’ this Saturday and claims that a man from Barranquilla has stolen his famous ‘Worm Dance’ with which he won the Telecinco reality show: “This bothers me a bit because it’s copied from my stepsYou have to compensate me.” Although it sounded like a joke, the Peruvian woman said it with great confidence, surprising all the colleagues.

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As if this was not enough, the winner of ‘GH VIP 6’ assured that Gerard Piqué became interested in her three years ago: “Being a fan of hers (Shakira) I rejected Piqué because he called me twice In a disco. I didn’t know what Piqué was and I’m a Shakira fan. he had a desire to kill the insect,

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