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Taylor Swift Lenny Kravitz

Taylor Swift Lenny Kravitz

Taylor Swift and Lenny Kravitz had a hilarious run-in at the iHeart Radio Music Awards. The musicians met behind the scenes of the award ceremony, where the interpreter of anti hero was one of the protagonists of the night

Quickly, the musicians showed their mutual admiration for each other. However, what stood out the most were the looks they were wearing.

Taylor Swift and Lenny Kravitz meeting

A video of the video went viral on social media. meeting between Taylor Swift and Lenny Kravitz. During the iHeart Radio Music Awards. The stars had a cute interaction after he noticed her in the behind the scenes of the award ceremony

“Taylor, girl!” a scream is heard from the background, while she was walking. The video shows that it was Kravitz, who wanted to greet and hug the singer. Besides, He took the opportunity to compliment her on her incredible dress.


“oh you went in MY closet” 😂 #iHeartAwards2023

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“Oh. You were in my closet”, Lenny Kravitz tells him after seeing the outfit Taylor Swift was wearing. After all, it was a one-piece suit, full of glitter and a hood, something that for sure would have used someone like him too.

“Well, I felt inspired”Taylor replied to the musician. Subsequently, Kravitz used her social networks to continue giving compliments to the singer and congratulate her on winning the Innovative Award at the ceremony on Monday, March 27.


“Much love and respect to Taylor Swift, winner of the iHeartRadio Innovation Award. You’re family,” wrote Lenny Kravitz in his cute post. Thus, he joined the many people who congratulated the singer on her triumph.

Taylor Swift is having a great time right nowafter the start of The Eras Tour, their first world tour in a year. Thanks to this, the singer has already broken an incredible record with her studio albums.

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